Heated Driveway Cost in Toronto varies from about $12 to $21 per square foot. The lowest end of the heating system costs about $7 and goes up to $34 per square foot. Hence, the average cost of your driveway will be anywhere between $1,300 to $7,500, which depends on the size of your driveway and also the heating system that you are opting for.

Why you should opt for a snow melting system?

Snow melting systems are popular in commercial as well as residential use. They are used in houses for various reasons. First, it is installed due to convenience as it eliminates the snow accumulation. It can be installed on sidewalks, driveways, patios and steps. Second, it targets the trouble spots. Even if you can’t afford to install the melting system in all areas, you can install it in places where snow and ice accumulation causes problems. Third, it prevents liability and also reduces the cost of removing snow.

How much does it cost to install the heating system?

The annual operating cost of the system falls somewhere between 12 to 25 cents per square foot. It means that you would approximately have to spend somewhere between $120 to $250 during the winters to melt the snow which has accumulated on your driveway. This approximate cost is for a driveway which is about 1,000 square foot. The local utility costs depend on the cost of operating the system. The higher the utility the more expensive the system would be. The cost of the materials and installation also varies.

What are the factors that you need to consider before choosing a heating system?

When choosing a new snow melting system there are several factors which need to be considered. Not all the systems are the same and they don’t all work perfectly. Utility costs, availability, space availability, user expectations, run-off, retrofitting and maintenance all need to be considered while planning a heating system. Though snow melting systems can cost hundreds of dollars to operate, it is still cheaper than ploughing services, snow-removal equipment and using de-icing chemicals, especially in the regions which experience high snowfall. For all these systems to work properly they have to be installed properly.

Why you should opt for driveway heating?

When you are planning to get a heated driveway heating system during the winters, you may want to get an idea of the type of costs that it might incur. It is always helpful to know how much it would cost. Getting a heating system for your driveway is crucial as will help you to get rid of the snow without actually having to pull out the snow bowler or the shovel. There is no doubt about the heated driveways being highly convenient. If you are planning to remodel your house, then it is something that you should really consider getting.