How teachers can utilize a storage unit


If you’re like most teachers, you may not have a bunch of room in your home to store added supplies and props you need to educate for the year. And it’s likely your school doesn’t offer a storage solution either. But, there is a solution — renting a public storage unit.

Whether you get a public storage unit alone or team up with other teachers in your building, here’s how you can utilize a storage unit to its fullest potential.

Remove clutter from your classroom and put it in storage. One of the best ways to ensure your students are paying attention to your lessons is by removing added clutter that causes distractions.

That clutter can then be stored in a Rubbermaid or plastic container in a mini public storage unit for you to grab at a later time. The more items you can put in containers, the better equipped you will be for using it at a later date.

Use it for seasonal activities. If your school offers a chance for you to decorate your classroom for the holidays, it’s likely you may have a Christmas tree or decorations that you can’t find storage for in your home or garage. A storage unit is a perfect place to place these, so you don’t have to keep purchasing the items year after year.

Store future project supplies or furniture. Depending on which subject you teach, you may need to have additional chairs or couches in your classroom for reading time or just during extended blocks of time.

When they aren’t in use, you can store them in a storage unit, so they remain clean and ready for you to bring back out when needed. It’s also a nice graduation gift if you have chairs or couches that you can donate to a grad who may need them but doesn’t have the space to store in their current home.


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