How To Choose Outdoor Blinds Based On The Climate And Environment Where You Live 


Outdoor blinds Australia has become a popular addition to many modern homes being built in Australia. They provide many benefits to your home and living spaces and add a functional upgrade your home.

Before choosing which style of outdoor blind we recommend you consider the following (and the Louvretec team will help you do so!)

Your choice of outdoor blinds greatly depends on the climate and environment of the area where you live. Here’s how:


When you’re choosing outdoor blinds for your patio, you need to consider how much rain they’ll be keeping out during the wetter seasons. If you live on the coast, you experience more rain than inland areas because of the extra moisture in the air. Although  Louvretec outdoor blinds are water-resistant, if you get a lot of rain we do tend to recommend PVC blinds.


If you’re considering installing outdoor blinds around your patio, we recommend Mesh Shade Blinds with a small ‘openness’. Open-ness is the size of the small squares that you can see if you closely look at a piece of mesh blind fabric. Having a small open-ness to your mesh shade blinds fabric means less wind will enter your patio, the bigger the open-ness the more breeze.

Clear PVC Blinds will eliminate wind from your outdoor patio area.

The team at Louvretec can ensure the outdoor blinds you install will be able to withstand the level of wind for your property location. Louvretec outdoor blinds are mounted securely.


The sun down under is intense particularly in Australia and NZ where the ozone layer is at it’s thinnest around the world. Mesh Outdoor blinds can protect you from harsh UV rays letting you enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

The benefit of a patio is more, useable space in your home, ideally that you can enjoy anytime. Mesh Shade blinds can be motorised up to the open position allowing as much sun as required into your outdoor patio area, then if you are after sun protection simply lower the blinds and enjoy a cool, shady pation area.


Coastal areas see the sun beating down on the water, evaporating moisture at a rapid pace, making the air heavy with humidity. On days like this, spending time on the patio can be too uncomfortable.

Fortunately, installing Mesh outdoor blinds can assist you in making your patio an inviting area to relax in and create indoor-outdoor flow.  The mesh fabric’s small squares of ‘open-ness’ (if you look closely at) allow fresh air to circulate even when the blinds are closed for sun protection. They also keep the rest of your home cooler.

We invite you to explore the options. Contact us at Louvretec today, for more information on our outdoor blinds range.


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