How to Clean a Carpet?


In a house, Green Mats collect dust and microbes. They lose their colors and comfort daily, hence the need to maintain them regularly with the right equipment. How to clean a carpet? We explain everything to you in every detail.

In all rooms of the house, carpets and rugs die hard! Dirty shoes, animal hair, or spilled food, they get dirty, lose their colors, and can become nests of smelly microbes. Except if they are maintained regularly and accurately with the right equipment! Cleaning them regularly will keep them in good condition and healthy for a long time.

How to clean a carpet just like a professional carpet cleaning company? 

Vacuuming every 2-3 days on a carpet or carpet removes not only dust or animal hair but also straightens the fibers. For more effective cleaning, use the vacuum cleaner with the brush unless it is old or if it is a Berber or Persian carpet because you could damage it. You can also turn the rug from time to time to prevent it from wearing out in the same places and to regularly vacuum the dust over its entire surface. Finally, if it is not too large, think of spring cleaning and let the air in your carpet. Hanging in the sun, use a carpet swatter (also called a racket).

Clean a Carpet More Thoroughly withthe Steam Cleaner

You can also use a steam cleaner 4 to 6 times a year. This injects hot water vapor into the carpet or carpet and immediately draws it out so as not to soak it. In addition to deep cleaning, it also helps sanitize your mat, or even scent it lightly if you add a few drops of essential oil to the water. To avoid damaging your carpet, first test it on an inconspicuous place such as an edge. Burning steam is indeed to be avoided on certain natural fibers such as sisal, which requires special maintenance. And to clean fragile carpets, dry cleaning If the steam cleaner is very effective on synthetic carpets and carpets or even seagrass, it is preferable to favor dry cleaning for deep cleaning of fragile or old carpets. You will find on the market a certain number of cleansing, and absorbent powders just spread on the mat and vacuum after a few hours. And if despite all your efforts, places remain dirty, it will be necessary to detach your carpet. Once clean, remember to waterproof your carpet to protect it.


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