Important Questions to Ask a Commercial Construction Contractor


When it’s the time for a commercial renovation, repair or build, it is part of a larger operation and budget. Therefore, choosing the right commercial construction contractor is important because it determines the project’s success. There are numerous commercial construction companies to be found, but selecting the right one takes research. The more information you have, the easier it is to select the best company for your project. How do you get more information? Asking questions is one way to go about it.

These are some of the important questions to ask a commercial construction contractor before choosing one:

  1. Ask them about their business and background. How long have they been in business? What states are they licensed to work in? 
  2. What projects have you worked on? You can ask them to give you references as these can tell you how they work, how efficient they are and how well they communicate with their clients. 
  3. Do they have site subcontractors and supervisors? It is essential for you to have a point of contact on the construction site and you shouldn’t have to rely on subcontractors for this role. 
  4. Are you certified and insured? Every professional construction company, such as Nan Inc. Hawaii, will be licensed and have insurance too. You can question them about workers compensation and liability insurance to ensure that all site workers are covered. 
  5. What timeline will you follow? When you are working with a commercial construction contractor, ask them to establish a timeline, along with deadlines in accordance with project expectations, starting dates and end date. You should always add in some extra time for uncontrollable events, such as the weather.
  6. What payment schedule is followed? Never hesitate in discussing financial matters. These details are important and knowing when payments will be due and how much will ensure that you are on the same page.
  7. Do you provide guarantees? It is of the utmost importance to ask about what kind of guarantees are provided by the commercial construction contractor. It is best to get it in writing to avoid any problems later on.
  8. Have you worked on similar projects? A contractor may not be the best choice for you if your project is out of their scope. It is a good idea to know their area of expertise before you decide to use their services in order to ensure you hire the best option.