Perfect Solutions for the Best Plumbing Deals


The old fashioned way is the drain unblocker. Place this on the drain to be unclogged and then move it up and down. If all goes well, the dirt comes out due to the suction effect.

Soda Treatment

There are people who use soda when the drain is blocked. You should then dissolve a hand of soda in water. You first have to boil three liters of water and then add a handful of soda, which you pour into the clogged drain . If you let it soak for a while, this can unclog the drain.

Soda / Vinegar Treatment

If it has not helped and the drain is clogged, you can also choose a combination of soda and vinegar. You then take a handful of soda and add some vinegar, then pour it down the drain together. You should then seal it with something and rinse with hot water for a few minutes.

Coffee Thick

It is possible that the drain is clogged and that these two options have not yet helped, then you could still opt for coffee grounds. You can use coffee grounds to liquefy fat. The emergency plumbers are the perfect solutions there.


If your drain is clogged, you could also tackle it chemically. You could then choose muscle, this is a liquid chemical drain cleaner. It works well and it also helps against all kinds of odors.

HG Unblocker

If you think that has not helped enough and the drain is still clogged, you can also use HG drain cleaner. This is also a chemical drain cleaner, but also works against unpleasant odors.

Clearing Spring

If you want to use one more way, you can also use a drain cleaner, which can remove stubborn dirt. You can buy these in almost all hardware stores.

You have now had a number of options to resolve a clogged drain. If one way doesn’t work, try another way.

Prevent the drain from clogging

To prevent the drain from clogging again in the future, it is wise not to flush certain things down the drain. For example, when your fat and food scraps are flushed, you increase the chance that the drain will become blocked again.

Before we discuss the options and choices when choosing a new kitchen, it is good to talk about the budget. A kitchen vendor will also want to know your budget fairly quickly.

The chance that you get excited and later remain with a high debt ‘because of that one nice offer’ is quite high. Fortunately, there is now a reflection period that lasts between 2 and 7 days.

Price table

In this price table you can see the amounts of the most chosen models. As you can see, the cost of a kitchen is between € 1,250 if you install yourself up to € 25,840 or more if you want the best of the best (and especially the most expensive brands).

By having experts draw a kitchen for you, you know exactly what is possible with a new kitchen. You can of course have this done in the showroom, but you can also have some beautiful kitchen brochures sent to you at home for free.


Even if you are not yet sure whether you want a new one or not, such a draftsman knows exactly what can and cannot be done so that you do not waste time. That way it is easier to make a choice for the kitchen.


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