Perfection Bringing The Best Of Timber Flooring


Mistakes can be avoided in construction in general, and in the installation of hardwood floors in particular, by building on the mistakes already made.Hardwood floors are sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity. In summer, the wood works and undergoes expansion. The floors will then swell slightly and apply their staples. If the latter do not offer sufficient resistance, the clearance created between the clip and the coating support may produce cracking noises. When the heating is turned on in the fall, the humidity decreases in the house and the coating gradually returns to its place. The boards creak all the stronger. In case of timber flooring perth this is perfect.

  1. Complete all other renovation projects in the room, such as painting and hanging wallpaper, before installing the new floor. The humidity produced by the execution of certain works can harm the floor.
  2. Allow the new flooring to acclimatize for 48 hours before installation. He will have time to adapt to the temperature and humidity of the room.
  3. Remove all furniture from the room to make it more accessible to the installer.
  4. At the time of delivery of the floor covering, check whether it corresponds exactly to what you ordered and whether you received the right quantity. Open a few boxes to check.
  5. After removing the old coating, sweep or vacuum to remove any debris. Debris under the new floor can cause problems such as cracking.
  6. Preparing the sub-floor is essential. Make sure in advance that it is solid, secure in place and flat. If it cracks before installing the new coating, it will also crack afterwards.
  7. Make sure the room is at the right temperature and relative humidity to receive the new coating. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions.
  8. If necessary, cut under the door frames and remove the baseboards.
  9. The installer acts as final inspector of the flooring for the manufacturer. Before starting the installation, the material should be inspected for visible defects. An installed coating is a paid coating.
  10. For concrete floors, use a moisture barrier or vapor barrier before installing your new coating.
  11. Always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions, otherwise the warranty will be void.
  12. The addition of a radiant heater is a luxury for any room. Make sure the product you choose is recommended and guaranteed for use on a radiation heating system.

Hardwood, Laminate & Cork

When installing wood, laminate and cork, the installer must always take the planks from several boxes at the same time. This allows you to properly compose the floor in terms of lengths, grain and color in order to obtain the most beautiful general appearance. When it comes to the bamboo flooring perth then also you can get similar options now.

If installing a floating floor (ie not glued, nailed or stapled to the sub-floor), provide at least minus 3/8 in. or 10 to 15 mm around the perimeter of the room to allow the floor to expand.In the case of a floating floor, if the floor is more than 30 feet in length or width, transition elements are required. Always install a sub-floor. A good quality sub-floor improves the performance of the finished floor surface.