Plumbing Issues: Using The Correct Piping Material


When one has a plumbing problem it can be a nightmare. We all need our pipes to work correctly as we depend on water for a variety of things. As a result, the pipes are very important. When we do have a pipe that bursts or breaks then we need to make sure that it is fixed correctly. There are many different pipes to choose from. Repairing a pipe can be a big job and a huge expense. This means that it is important that the new pipe is made of a material that will not corrode, rust, and lasts a long time. If it is a pipe that leads to our drinking water, we need to make sure that the pipe that is replaced will make the drinking water safe for us to drink. Using the correct pipe for sewer line replacement is important.

The problem for sewer line replacement can be fixed with the right pipe. It is important that one selects the right pipe for the job that it is intended to do. Below is a list of different pipe materials that one can choose from.

PVC Pipe

PVC pipe is an excellent way to go. The materials that this pipe is made of will not rust or corrode. Because it does not rust or corrode it will not need to be replaced until the pipe actually breaks, or starts leaking. There are several sizes and fittings that one is able to choose from, so this type of pipe is very popular to use. This pipe is also relatively inexpensive which is another positive note. The problem with this type of pipe though is that it does not make the drinking water safe. The reason for this is that it has a high toxicity in the material. This type of pipe also does not do well in hot water or pressure. Hot water will cause the pipe to warp. Putting this type of pipe under a lot of pressure will cause the pipe to degrade.


This is a type of PVC pipe that has chlorine added to the material. This type of pipe is safe for drinking water as it has chlorine added to it. This pipe can also deliver hot water as it will not degrade with hot water running through it. The downside of this pipe is that if it freezes it will split and it will have to be replaced.

Copper Pipe

This is the most versatile of the pipe materials. Copper has been used for a long time and does not corrode. This pipe will not degrade so it is safe for drinking water. It has an extremely long life span and it is very durable. The downside for this type of pipe is the price. Copper tends to be very expensive so there are not a lot of people who can afford to use this type of pipe material.

PEX Pipe

Pex pipe is very flexible. It can be put through an existing pipe. It is also flexible enough to go around corners. The Pex pipe is made up of a material that can expand and contract, so this makes it very flexible. It does need to have some fittings to be able to use this type of pipe.

Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized pipe is a steel pipe. This pipe needs to be coated with zinc to prevent any rust or corrosion. Galvanized pipes are very durable and last a really long time. They are best used for water lines as gas lines can cause the zinc on the pipe to corrode and will damage the pipe.

There are several options for pipes. Each one has its benefits as well as their trouble spots. When choosing a pipe one needs to find the best one that will fit the needs of the homeowner.