Steps To House Demolition



The house demolition process may seem like a fairly straightforward task if you’ve got access to heavy equipment, but understanding the process and preventing accidents is important on the job site. Here are some of the best methods for your home demolition process and why you should consider working with a professional.

The Materials Involved

Dismantling a house can often produce a large amount of waste including waste like crushed concrete, masonry, wood, wiring, and more. Many of these items can be recycled instead of being dumped into a landfill. Working with a team that knows how to redirect the waste appropriately is important. 

The Steps of Demolition

Work with a house demolition expert. They can efficiently take down the home and discuss the best solution for demolition. 

Get an inspection completed on your home. Older homes often contain items like asbestos (you can learn about types of asbestos here), rotten wood, mold, hazardous materials, and more. Getting a proper inspection will help to protect workers on-site and prevent the chance that you could pollute the environment during demolition. 

Disconnecting services is also important to make sure that your water, gas, and sewage did not have the chance to pollute the environment. 

Getting all relevant permits before the demolition takes place will make sure you are satisfying the rules of demolition for your area. 

Make sure that the process is safe and that you’re using a licensed and registered company. This will protect other buildings in the area as well as make sure that there’s no liability on you as a property owner if accidents were to occur. 

These are just a few of the top steps that you need to take before the process of tearing down a home takes place and debris clearing is managed. Be sure to contact a professional in the field of demolition if you are planning a construction process.

This post was written by Tanner Brown. Tanner is the Owner and operator of Greenbar Excavation. Greenbar Excavation is a fully licensed, insured, and accredited Excavation company based in Prineville Oregon. Greenbar Excavation is one of the top Foundation Excavation companies in Central Oregon. Don’t look further, go with the company with your best interest in mind!



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