The Features and Advantages of L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design


The l-shaped modular kitchen layout is one of the most popular kitchen designs in contemporary houses, especially in small kitchens. The l shaped modular kitchen designs work better in terms of efficient use in comparison to other layouts of kitchen designs. This type of kitchen design fits into the corner and ultimately saves spaces for other uses in the kitchen. In addition to this, the l-shaped modular kitchen layout keeps all the storages and appliances evenly at the two sides of the kitchen so that you have plenty of spaces to work. It is often difficult for the middle-income groups especially in the developing countries to invest plenty of money on kitchens in the city-based urban dwelling. In this context, l-shaped modular kitchen layout is perhaps the best option for the small kitchens. 

Though the l-shaped layout is not new for the kitchen designers, the ergonomics incorporated in the contemporary l-shaped designs has made it unique and practical as well as popular in the modern city houses. The basic unique feature of the l-shaped kitchen layout is that it ultimately creates a perfect work triangle independently for preparation, cooking and cleaning areas. However, the l-shaped modular kitchen design has its own advantages of small kitchens which can not be compared to an island or G-shaped modular kitchen layouts because they have their own advantages in bigger kitchens. 

The l-shaped modular kitchen layout refers to the design of the floor plan which uses the corner of the large space of the kitchen and the ultimate fitting is made on two opposite corner walls. Eventually, it forms a perpendicular angle with one wall double longer than the other. Ultimately, the l-shaped kitchen layout creates a triangle with the positioning of sink, stove and refrigerator in the kitchen. This makes the kitchen easy to plan without any complication.

The numerous advantages of l-shaped modular kitchen layout include the easy and simple working triangle resulting in seamless movement in between refrigerator, stove and sink, additional open space for dining table and for the living, the entire kitchen area can be easily divided into two broad spaces one for wet and the other for dry activities as well as one portion for smaller workspaces and the other for the appliances, easy accessibility and efficient use of cabinets and other appliances. However, though the benefits which you get in a large kitchen may not be expected in an l-shaped small modular kitchen, they work well in small and medium kitchens.