The Reasons for Air Conditioning Issues As It Is Not Cooling



The refrigerator is part of everyone’s life. It is essential to keep food chilled or frozen, leaving it fresh for longer. But, sometimes, either due to the time of use or some external problem, the refrigerator stopped working and ends up not freezing anymore.

What to do? Relax, we help you find the causes of why your refrigerator is not freezing and shows you how to solve this problem. When your air conditioner not cooling, then it is for sure you need the best choices.

Door badly closed:

This is simple to solve. Check if there are any objects that hinder the closing of the door and prevent your refrigerator from freezing. It may be a bottle that is not properly placed, a drawer that has not been completely closed or some larger packaging. If so, organize the refrigerator and close the door.

Worn rubber:

The sealing rubber over time can become worn, hinder the door’s closing and thereby facilitate the outlet of air. The result of this is the refrigerator freezing little, but it is possible to solve on your own without headaches. The solution is to opt for a new refrigerator rubber and to make the replacement the right way check out our post on how to change the refrigerator rubber.

Frequent door opening:

For the refrigerator to freeze well, it is important that the door is closed most of the time. So, avoid opening the doors frequently, wait for the food to cool before putting it away and try to open the door only when you are sure of what you want to catch.

Incorrect temperature:

There is no point in filling your refrigerator and adjusting the minimum temperature. It will not flow the amount of food and will not cool down as expected. So, for your refrigerator to freeze as expected, always select the temperature according to the amount of food inside. Some models have specific functions for each type of use.

Dirty condenser:

Are you asking yourself “why isn’t my fridge freezing”? Be aware that the problem may be your dirty condenser. In the models where it is exposed, it can be identified as those tubes that are just behind the grill, at the rear of the refrigerator. These tubes distribute the gas that keeps the refrigerator cooling, so it is necessary to prevent them from clogging and filling with dust. It is possible to clean them at home, avoiding the use of abrasive products (mainly those made with chlorine). When cleaning the condenser, always choose water and a clean cloth or compressed air.

Freezer gas leak:

If your refrigerator does not freeze the underside, the gas that passes through the condenser may be leaking. The flow of it, in most models, is from top to bottom, causing the bottom of the appliance to cool. This type of problem can only be solved with the help of a technician.

Dirty filter:

Another part of the air condensing system is the Filter Dryer. When it is not cleaned frequently, it can clog and block the passage of gas in the cooling process, decreasing the cooling capacity of the bottom. This is one of those problems that can only be solved with specialized technical support.

Burnt resistance:

There is a cold plate in the refrigerators that helps in cooling. When the condenser turns off, a resistance present on this plate causes it to heat up and melt the accumulated ice.


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