The Right Mattress Options for Your Deals


Choosing the right mattress is essential for maintaining quality of life and well-being. A good spring mattress, for example, allows for a restful night’s sleep and guarantees the necessary rest to be available for the day’s tasks.

In addition, the product prevents poor posture at night, the main cause of back pain and even spinal injuries. As there are some types of spring on the market, it is worth knowing more about the technologies so as not to make mistakes in choosing the model, do you agree?

In this post, you will discover what are the types of spring mattress and the advantages of the product. In addition, you will see the main differences between spring and foam mattresses and tips on how to choose the right model for you. Check out. You can go for the top 10 most comfortable mattresses there now.

Differences between spring and foam mattress

There are basic differences between the spring and foam mattress. Understanding them is essential to getting the old model right for a new one. So, find out what are the peculiarities of each item!

Foam mattress

In general, the foam mattress is more affordable, however, you need to be more aware of the need to change it. The recommendation is to use the product for a maximum of five years. After that period, even though he is not deformed, he is no longer able to support the body as before.

This mattress model has different densities, that is, amounts of foam per cubic meter. There are items made especially for children, others for adults of different types. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the person’s weight and height to acquire the ideal product.

Spring mattress

The spring mattress is made to guarantee anatomical firmness, therefore, it responds very well to the pressures exerted by the body. It is durable and resistant to deformations, promotes thermal comfort and does not compromise our circulation during sleep.

Such a mattress has different numbers of springs per square meter. The greater the quantity, the greater the weight it supports. Therefore, this is the first requirement to be observed when purchasing it. Many people opt for this model due to the excellent cost-benefit ratio. Next, we separate an exclusive topic with more details of this type of mattress.

Types of mattress springs

The mattress with internal springs has become very popular and is frequently sought after in stores. The spring system is made of steel, a very resistant material, which does not easily deform and can support higher weights.

This system is covered with a material that provides comfort and cushioning for the body. To make the right choice, it is important to know the differences between the two spring technologies – bonnel and bagged. Understand!


Also called TriPower spring, the bonnel technology consists of a system in which all the springs of the mattress are interconnected. This is a great option for those who do not want to afford a higher cost product, since its price tends to be more affordable than the alternatives individually bagged.

Such technology delivers a very comfortable mattress that adapts to the body’s curves, in order to allow good circulation during sleep and also the relief of pressure points. As it has a coating layer above its springs, the system does not usually make noise during the night.