Things to look for while inspecting your roof


Roofs protect the house from adverse weather conditions and do not allow it to get into your house. Thus, it is your duty that you also take regular care of your house roof. For serious conditions of your roof, you should contact a roofing contractor in Bedford NH. However, you can also inspect your roof by yourself. Here are some tips to help you.

Roof Exterior

Roofs can be made of different materials and each material is prone to certain kinds of damage. For instance, there are high chances for roof tiles to crack while metal roof sheets and screws are likely to become loose after some time. These could lead to water seeping in through these openings and damage the underlying structures of the roof. Also, after the occurrence of a severe kind of windstorm or hurricane, it is better to inspect the roof for any damage and contact a roofing contractor in Bedford NH if required.  If you have a flat roof,  look for water puddles on it and do not allow water to remain at a particular place on your roof for a long time. This could lead to premature damage to the covering of your roof. If you have a timber roof, Look out for debris or heavy dirt on your roof so that they do not weigh down your roof materials which could damage the material of your roof.

Roof Interior

Most roofs are made of timber and it is important to inspect them regularly. Some indications of damaged timber could be rot or mold. If you notice such things, you should look to replace it as soon as possible as these are the signs of a damaged roof. Painting your wood is not of much use as they are going to increase the damage. While inspecting the interiors of the roof, look that the waterproofing covers all the open areas and that it is not damaged. Other interior inspections include checking the plumbing and the electrical wires in the roof. Any undetected leak can damage the roof and lessen its life. 

House Ceiling

If you have observed any bubbles, cracks r water stains, then it means that the problem of your roof has escalated too much and you need to repair it immediately. The reasons for these problems could be the collection of water inside the roof or even a small crack which turned into a huge one. While you are inspecting, if you notice the paints peeling out, you should take care of it immediately.


If you find that the damages are severe, you should contact a roofing contractor in Bedford NH quickly.


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