Do You Want to Keep Your Swimming Pool in Top Condition?


Many of you must be having a swimming pool in your own backyard, however in order really enjoy the benefits of having a pool in your premises, you have to keep the pool in perfectly maintained condition. If the pool has frequent problem particularly in the heaters, then it is best to enter into a maintenance contract with any experienced pool professional.

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Following are few DIY ways that you can take from your own, so that your pool remains in good condition and working most of the time.

  1. Keep it clean

First and the foremost thing to do is, you must keep your pool surrounding as well the pool water perfectly clean. All the walkways near the pool should also be maintained clean.

2. Regularly check the pool chemistry

Ensure that the water of the pool maintains all its chemical parameters in proper level. Therefore, you must check the pH of the water regularly. Use chlorine regularly to maintain the chemistry of the water.

3. Perform regular maintenance

There are quite a few things that you must check regularly. Some of them are as follows:

  • Condition of all the physical parts of pool
  • Proper plumbing
  • Filtration check
  • Cleaning of various components of pool
  • Maintain proper water circulation
  • Check the pool pumps
  • Don’t allow any debris.

4. Develop few checklists

It is necessary to create a proper calendar, when you must do the maintenance. Also, there must be few check list that should be developed, so that the condition of the pool can be monitored on a regular basis.

Performing all these will avoid unnecessary repair cost and you can really enjoy the benefits of having a pool in your house.

It is the pool heater which often develops certain faults due to which (particularly during winter seasons) you cannot use your swimming pool. Following are few common problems with heaters:

5. Pilot light of heater does not light

This problem can be due to any of the following:

  • Low gas pressure
  • Improper venting
  • Inadequate air supply

6. Does not heat to required temperature

Following can be few reasons of this problem:

  • Thermostat setting may be too low.
  • Heater is too small as compared to water level
  • Outside temperature too low
  • Insufficient gas supply.

7. Pool heater keeps turning on and off

Following are few reasons of this problem:

  • Inadequate water flow
  • Dirty filter
  • External bypass
  • Closed valve
  • Reversed water connections
  • Pressure switch got out of adjustment
  • Thermostat out of calibration.

8. Inadequate water flow

You can check the following:

  • Your pool filter
  • Your pump basket
  • Check deck jets

It is the best thing to get a maintenance contact with any professional company, so that your pool will be regularly checked and monitored by a professional company of this field.


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