Tips to Maintain Your Lawn At All Times


Greenery is something that everyone loves and having a lawn is the best way to have it. Having a private garden or lawn in front or at the back of your house helps you in getting that greenery. But just having a lawn is not enough, you need to maintain it too. Maintaining the lawn keeps it clean and beautiful. Here are some tips on how to take care of your lawn in all seasons. 

Keep Your Lawn Clean

As the seasons come and go, the lawn also gets dirty with dry leaves, fallen branches or twigs, dog poops, etc. So, to make sure that your lawn does not stay dirty keep it clean? Rake all the leaves, twigs, etc. regularly. You should also make sure that you also keep up all the debris on the lawn to keep you thatch work clean too. Several companies provide residential lawn care maintenance services.

Prepare the Lawn for Planting the Beds

If the lawn is not maintained regularly, then you will find lots of weeds in your lawn. To avoid this, ensure that you are removing the weeds as you see them. This also needs to be done before start planting the beds. You should also add compost near the plants. 

Add as Many Plants as you can to Your Lawn

The more plants you have, the more it is going to look beautiful. So, plant flowers, trees, shrubs, etc. in your lawn. However, ensure that your soil is loose enough for you to plant them because a tight soil will have enough moisture or hold the roots of the plants when you are planting them. 

Use Light Chemical to Control Weeds

If you want to control the growth of the weeds, then try to use some chemicals. These chemicals are not very strong and hence will not harm your grass or plants. You can use them while you are preparing your bed on the lawn. 

Prune Your Grass and Shrubs

Pruning is a very important factor in maintaining the lawn. Unpruned shrubs or grass can make your lawn look untidy and ugly. So, make sure that you are pruning them on a timely basis because they can grow at a faster rate.

If you feel that you do not have too much time in your hand to maintain your lawn, then you can hire some professionals to do it for you. Many companies offer yard cleanup in Hillsboro Oregon with the right tools and techniques.