Golden Facts to Know About Fiberglass, Wood and Vinyl Windows


You want your interiors and exteriors of your home to look beautiful. If you are new to buying windows then you should know about the materials of the windows to find the best replacement window for your home. This post will help you with some facts about the fiberglass, wood and vinyl windows.

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Facts to Know

  • Wooden Frames are the traditional frames that give a traditional look to your home. Wooden frames are durable and work life long. The wooden frames are quite attractive and need high maintenance. You can paint wooden windows to add more features to your replacement window. The replacement windows with wooden frames are versatile and add a value to your property.
  • Vinyl frames needs very less maintenance than other frames. The vinyl frames are made up of vinyl chloride and some added elements to protect it from ultraviolet rays. The UV rays can damage the windows. You don’t have to paint the windows just like the wooden frames. The vinyl frame windows are cheaper than the replacement windows.
  • Fiberglass windows have more benefits than other replacement windows. These windows do not get damaged by sunlight. The fiberglass windows are available with different cladding that adds a feature to their look and make your home look beautiful.

These are some common things to know about the fiberglass, vinyl and wooden windows.