Tornado Safe Rooms & Storm Shelters: 3 Things to Know


Depending on where they live will depend on how popular safe rooms and storm shelters are. If they live in areas where tornadoes or other extreme weather happens it’s more than nice to have it’s a must-have. This could be the deciding factor in their families’ safety.

There are some distinct differences between a safe room and a storm shelter. We will go over here. What a storm shelter does is it must be a structure built in accordance with ICC-500. What does that even mean? Very simply it’s a structure that can withstand wind speeds up to 250 mph, include protective walls, roofs and doors, and include provisions for emergency lighting, ventilation, communication equipment, first aid kits, and restroom facilities. A safe room is very similar to a storm shelter as it will require everything that a storm shelter needs as well as emergency management plans and designated personnel established for managing the safe room. These additional states will make it no FEMA compliant as well as being in accordance with ICC-500. A storm shelter will be the easier option as you will have 1 less organization to be compliant with making the process that much less time-intensive and expensive.

When thinking about these types of rooms you usually picture ugly eyesores in weird shapes or being built completely underground hidden from view. Due to the changes in technology in this day and age this may not be the case for you. They now have the ability to have these rooms built into your home or office. These are not a one size fits all options as they can have a custom storm shelter built fitting the exact needs they have.

The other thing that must be talked about with safe rooms and storm shelters is what to have in them so that they can serve the full purpose!

  1. The most important thing that you can have in your storm shelter or safe room

is food and water. When it comes to the food it needs to be non-perishable that

doesn’t require and time to prepare. Another thing that is easy to forget in

This category is plastic wear and a can opener! There would be nothing worse

than having enough food but not having any way to eat it. I’m sure you would

find a way but no need for it to get to that point.

  1. Medications and First aid kits would be right up there in importance to food

and water. A first aid kit is very simple as all of those can just be bagged up

and put in the room for when the time comes and you need it. Medications on the, on the other hand, can be much more difficult to get prepared. As we all know medications cannot be left in the safe room or storm shelter for years at a

time until you need them. They suggest keeping them in a case so that you have

weeks supply or so that you can grab on your way to the safe room or storm


  1. In this day and age you absolutely must have something to charge your cell

phone, iPad, or any other device you use. You may need to purchase power banks

because if you’re in the storm shelter or safe room it’s likely the power will

be out. Power banks or portable chargers will keep you powered up for a few

days if the power does go out.

We want everyone to see how a custom storm shelter can benefit them and their family!