House inspections are a comprehensive and itemized report which is prepared by a professional and licensed inspector to discover the condition of the property. With increasing demand of home inspectors, there are new ways coming into the way to inspect the house. There are some techniques of home inspection which can save your time and perform very sensitively.

Thermal imaging is extremely fruitful for inspecting some issues in the home. It helps you uncover crucial details about a home or a building. Thermographic inspection is a term used when we use thermal cameras for inspection purpose. In this process, the camera is sensitive for the temperature difference and thus can record, if the moisture is present. Inadequate or damaged insulation, leakages and moisture intrusion can determine by this technique. This process is offer by many companies such as home inspectors in Cook County form JL Home Inspection LLC.

Thermal imaging is modern and an effective way to look into a building and find those issues which could not be catch out by a naked eye. When an inspector inspects the house with the help of an infrared thermal camera, a heat signature appears as a color spectrum. Time required to perform thermal imaging vary according to the situations. Usually it includes a report with digital pictures. Below, there are some examples regarding the use of thermal imaging.

Thermal imaging is used to detect heat loss. Living in cold climatic regions requires keeping a living place warm at a comfortable temperature. For this purpose people usually use thermostats and fire places. In these cases, the proper insulation of house is important. And if it is not, then it means that heat will escape. Thermographic inspection helps us to uncover those areas form where the heat is getting lost.

Thermal imaging helps finding damaged cooling and heating systems. They can determine the temperature of objects and this can help us to know the performance of heating and air conditioning systems. This technology also applies to uncover the sight of compressor leaks. When any system is damaged, its quality of work also compromised and thermal imaging can catch it out as it detects temperature difference. 

Thermal inspection also uncovers leakages and detects moisture by identifying temperature differences in the walls or other structures. Leakage is a serious problem if left unfixed. It readily need to be treated as if water is leaking into the walls then it can be a threat for structural integrity of the house or building.  Thermal imaging also saves us from electrical hazards as walls and ceilings in the homes or buildings have a lot of wires running through them. It is necessary to inspect these electrical equipments and electrical panels periodically to ensure the proper working and safety. 

 Pests, molds and conditions of erosion can also be detected by thermal inspection. When there is a presence of animals or erosion, then it leads to a change in temperature of that specific area and their presence can uncover by this process when no other means is there.   



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