When to Call an HVAC Company in Austin, TX


    While there are a lot of capable homeowners out there, sometimes it makes more sense to call a professional HVAC company in Austin, TX, in order to make sure your HVAC equipment is running in top shape.

    You Need Equipment Installed

    Many homeowners would not want to install an entire whole house air conditioning or heating system on their own. However, when it comes to replacing equipment, you still want a professional to install it. The new equipment must be sized appropriately, and you need to make sure that it’s capabilities match the system in place.

    You Know the System Isn’t Functioning Properly

    It can be hard to diagnose what exactly is wrong with an HVAC system. You may realize your system isn’t running as it should but think the problem could be minor. There is no such thing as a minor problem. The longer you ignore any problems, the more serious the problem will become and the more expensive it is to repair. Your thermostat may even alert you when something is operating outside of specifications. Pay attention to what your thermostat is saying and then call a technician if something is out of the ordinary.

    No Cold Air or Hot Air

    If there is no cold or hot air coming from the vents then you are having a problem. You need professional help since it could be a simple mechanical issue or you may need a part that needs to be replaced.

    Strange Smells

    If the air is blowing out fine but it smells then there is a chance that your wiring is burning. This is no small issue and it should be dealt with as soon as possible. If the smell is musty or stale then it could be a sign that you have mold somewhere in the system. Until you know what is going on, be sure to keep the unit turned off.

    Strange Noises

    If you notice a banging, clanging, or buzzing coming from the AC unit, it could mean there are loose connectors in the system or a foreign object interfering with the fan. This could be causing damage to your unit so it’s best to schedule an appointment.

    Unusually High Energy Bill

    You are bound to notice a high energy bill. A spike in your bill means that your unit could be using more energy than it should and it’s time to upgrade.

    You Need Maintenance

    Maintenance is important for keeping your HVAC system working efficiently and reliably. You can change the air filter and keep the outdoor unit clean and you should be doing this on a regular basis. However, that is not enough to get by. You need a thorough tune up every year and this is something only a professional HVAC company in Austin, TX can handle for you.


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