Why Your Garden Could be Your Next Staycation Destination


Tourism is on the increase in the UK. In 2018 alone, 37.9 million people visited the UK for tourism purposes. Aside from rising travel costs, carbon footprint awareness, and the reality of Brexit, many British residents are beginning to travel within the borders, rather than abroad.

Some studies suggest that city dwellers should get away at least once every three weeks. A tall order, given the aforementioned factors.  Unless you are self-employed, no boss is going to give you time off every three weeks to go away. Even if they did, budgetary constraints would hinder you.

Enhancing your garden and installing a summer house may be the answer to dealing with the facts above. For a while, you’ll be away from pollution, anytime you like, at virtually no cost.

A few factors to consider are:


Start small, and build on as finances allow. The goal is to have a tranquil space so close you don’t want to go on holiday too often. It helps to decide on a design theme, such as a country retreat, or the beach and plan accordingly.

Area Available

Find a suitable space in your backyard to erect your structure. If you have a small area in which to work, a corner unit is practical. Ensure that the walkway is stylish and add a small deck on your summer house to create the perception that the room extends outdoors. The patio can double as an alfresco dining area. A bonus is that you will have a full view of the garden.

Purpose of the Space

If you’re going to use the room for sleep, opt for a good mattress and neutral coloured linens, with accents in pastel green, blue or purple. Neutral colours create the illusion of space. Fresh flowers from the garden will enhance the feeling of contentment. If there is space available for a small bathroom, you could rent this room out to travellers when not in use, or keep it for the family that visits.

Relaxation Station

Ensure that there is a space reserved within specifically to relax. It could be on a beanbag with a book, or in a candlelit spa bath. Invoke a sense of calm by playing soft music in the background, burning some incense or listening to water trickling from a feature either outdoors or inside.

There are additional benefits to having a summer house in your garden.

Environmentally Friendly

Most log cabins and summer houses are made from timber that is sustainable. As time and finances allow, you can add additional rooms.

Second Income Source

Many travellers, both local and from abroad are opting for unconventional types of accommodation. By advertising your summer house online when it’s not in use, you can earn some extra money. Often holidaymakers that enjoy a hospitable experience will share the news with fellow travellers. Good reviews will lead to your second income growing steadily.

Travellers’ Benefits

The great thing about renting a garden summer home in the city, is that as a traveller, you’re not in the thick of the hustle and bustle, but still close enough to enjoy the vibe. You also get to meet people in their natural environment and experience their home culture.

Regardless of which route you decide on, your summer house could potentially become a place that allows you to recharge, readying you for what lies ahead.





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