Window cleaning in Fredericksburg VA done by a local company? Here’s what the residents say!

window cleaning fredericksburg va

“I just received the most thorough and professional, top-to-bottom, window cleaning in Fredericksburg, VA, inside and out, as well as home cleaning service I have ever experienced! Started right on time, stayed on the job all day, and the house sparkles! Hardwood floors shine, stove and stainless steel appliances are spotless. You may get a lower price for someone else, but it will not be anything close to this. Highest recommendation. 5 stars!”, wrote S. C on Home & Business Services’ Google Reviews page. And this is just one of the hundreds of positive feedback messages this company gets from its clients in the Greater Fredericksburg Area.

Home & Business Services ( is a family-owned local business operating since 2013, offering services of window cleaning Fredericksburg VA, as well as professional cleaning (residential, commercial, air duct, carpet), home maintenance, handyman services, and turnkey services. According to their website, the team is “reliable, trustworthy, attentive to detail, with high-quality standards”, and they care about their clients’ needs and budget. Their goal is to always exceed their customers’ expectations while bringing them peace of mind through their work.

window cleaning fredericksburg va

And it shows when you read other window cleaning in Fredericksburg VA reviews from their Google Business page. “They were very professional from the initial call to every step of the way: we had our gutters cleaned-up, house power washed and windows cleaned in the first day, and the rotten wood replaced and painted on the second. I highly recommend!”, M. T. D wrote. On the other hand, C. W said: “This is the second time they power washed the outside of my home, cleaned my windows, deck, porches, and my extra-large shower. They always do a very detailed job. My home looks new again! Their team is polite and professional, and worth every penny”.

So what is the secret behind Home & Business Services’ window cleaning in Fredericksburg, VA? First of all, since they are a local company, their prices are affordable because they don’t have to invest in marketing expenses (word of mouth is still the best way of promotion inside communities). Secondly, they arrive quickly after the initial contact since they only cover a 50-mile radius around Fredericksburg. Thirdly, their work ethics, as well as the quality of their work and the professional equipment they use, are impeccable.

“If getting on a ladder, to clean those difficult and hard to reach windows, is not your thing anymore, but you would like an insured, trained, and adequately equipped professional to do it, it means we are the right choice! We are your local trusted window cleaning service provider in the Greater Fredericksburg Area! Our window cleaning services are affordable, fast, locally-recommended!”, they state on their website. To benefit from their services of window cleaning in Fredericksburg, VA, all you have to do is call (540) 376 4624 or submit an online form, for a free quote.