5 Ways to Get Rid of Musty Smell in the House  


Have you noticed a damp, stale, earthy or musty smell around your house lately? If you check carefully, you might be able to trace this smell to your bathroom, kitchen sink, garage, laundry room or even a cupboard. The smell may emanate due to mildew, mold, dust or moisture in that area. It not only gives an unpleasant odour in the house but also causes health ailments such as headache, nausea, nasal irritation and allergies.

It is natural to wonder how to get rid of musty smell in house. Here are some tips to remove the musty stench from your home.

  1. Ventilate Your Home Everyday

Your sweet home needs fresh air and sunlight every day to circulate the air and reduce or eliminate the odour. Keep your windows and doors open for a few hours in the morning or whenever possible.

  1. Switch on the Fans

In the smaller, dark areas where natural light can’t reach, the air becomes static and stale. You can use a battery-powered, portable fans or air circulators in such areas to remove the smell. If you are not aware of the exact source of the smell but know the room it is coming from, you can also switch on your ceiling or standing fan.

  1. Use Natural Odour-Eliminators

Depending on the potency of the smell, use odour-eliminators that you can easily make at home once in a week or every day. For example, you can leave a bowl of baking soda or boiled lemon peels in an open container for 24 hours in the smelly area. The baking soda and lemons will absorb the odour.

  1. Buy a Room Dehumidifier

A room dehumidifier absorbs the moisture from damp, dark spaces of your home, prevents condensation and keep them dry. When the area becomes dry, it also sucks up the musty smell.

A humidifier is a perfect solution to maintain the right level of humidity and dryness in the room. Dehumidifiers are available in different sizes, capacity and models. You should choose a dehumidifier which suits your requirements. A smart home dehumidifier also comes with several convenient features such as an adjustable humidistat and built-in hygrometer for customized settings.

  1. Do Deep Cleaning at Regular Intervals

The hidden pockets and corners of your home are often likely to get missed out during daily or weekly cleaning. As a result, dust settles in there and it begins to emit musty smell over a prolonged period. So, it is important to do a deep cleaning at least once in a month in these pockets and corners. You can also call a professional cleaning service provider if the odour persists.

A musty smell is a common household problem. But it can be easily taken care of with some preventive measures. It is highly recommended to buy a dehumidifier as it can be used around the year for removing musty smell from your home.
















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