Why Water Softeners are needed in Las Vegas

Hard water deposit on a tap with blurry background

If you have recently moved to Las Vegas you might notice a difference in our water. Las Vegas, in fact, comes 2nd in having the hardest water in the nation. According to Las Vegas Water District, the hard water in Clark County is due to the fact that 90 percent of its water comes from Lake Mead, which obtains water from the mineral-dense Colorado River.

Hard water is not ideal for water-dependent appliances such as washing machines and coffee makers. It lathers up, leaves spots on glasses, and a chalky residue in your shower and faucets.

Hard water tends to build limescale which is mostly calcium carbonate deposited by hot water. Limescale builds in plumbing pipes and appliances, which can be destructive. It is often whitish or gray but can be red or pink if it has a lot of iron. It is tough to clean and can shorten the life of not only appliances but the plumbing pipes. It is one of the reasons that water heaters have sacrificial anodes. The minerals are deposited on the anode and eventually corrode it rather than attack the heating element. However, if the anode isn’t replaced, the minerals eventually attack the heating element and destroy the tank.

A build-up of minerals in plumbing pipes can interfere with the water pressure and create a trickle of water from a spigot or showerhead. Eventually, some residents of Las Vegas find that their entire plumbing system needs to be repiped due to limescale.

The good news is that our technicians at Ideal Services are experts in water softener installation.

Our Las Vegas water softeners work like this:  Water comes in through the freshwater line, but instead of entering the plumbing system, the water flows into a tank that’s filled with resin beads in a bath of saltwater. While the water sits in the tank, the negatively charged beads pull the positively charged mineral ions out of the water. When the water is cleared of minerals, it flows back up into the freshwater line or into the line attached to the water heater.

After a set amount of time, the system starts a backwash cycle. The untreated water is discharged through a drain, then brine from a brine tank is pumped through the resin bed in the water softener tank. Any calcium and magnesium ions that are left in the tank are pumped out and also discharged through the drain. The resin beads are rinsed again with untreated water, but the overflow goes into the brine tank.

Call Ideal Services For Las Vegas Water Softeners

If limescale is affecting your pipes, your dishwasher, your washing machine, your water heater or any other water-dependent appliance, give us a call. Our professionals will gladly provide a free quote on installing water softeners. We also offer coupons for installations in Las Vegas.

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