Don’t let the pandemic dampen your housewarming party – Few ace ideas

    Don’t let the pandemic dampen your housewarming party

    If you’re someone who recently closed the deal on a new condo or a house or a townhome, you must have begun house hunting few months back. As the average mortgage loan application takes a minimum of 30 days to closing, you are sure to kick things amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s a big deal considering the trying times that the world is going through.

    With personal finances and national economy gone for a toss, people are highly concerned about their pockets. Even the best financial advisor for women may not be able to give you the best ideas of saving, especially when it is the question of a housewarming party. Nevertheless, we can give you few ace ideas of planning one within a budget.

    How much can you spend on a housewarming party?

    The foremost decision to make is on how much money you have at your disposal to work with. Now that we’re amidst tough financial conditions, there’s no pressure to spend big. A well=planned housewarming party can also be a small casual affair. Try to make a budget of how much you’re comfortable spending so that you can later on delve into the other vital details.

    How should you choose a reasonable date for the party?

    There are many who wait few months after moving into their new home before they throw a housewarming party. It is all about working with your parameters, within which you’re comfortable. Just as money is important, timing is equally important. Decide on a date when you can financially recover from spending a fortune on the mortgage loan for the house. There’s no pressure of doing it in the first month or the second. Do it whenever you’re ready for it.

    Are you setting realistic decoration goals?

    Party planning certainly starts with grand ideas like booking a flower wall from Flower Girl Toronto or other such companies. But before you take such steps, you have to check your finances. Remember that no one is going to enter your house expecting an Instagram-worthy party that will straight be published in the pages of Vogue. So, you need to set realistic ideas for a perfect housewarming party within your budget.

    Are you planning a realistic guest list?

    A party doesn’t always mean inviting tons of guests and it is truer at the present situation when there are limitations on guests in a social party. When you’re planning a housewarming party within a budget, it is better to boil down the guest list to your close friends and family members. This will make the party more cost-effective and manageable. You can also seek help of Bizzabo virtual event solutions if you’re interested in virtual party.