Dream Landscaping Garage


I have always dreamed about owning my own home. Growing up I’ve always wanted to help my dad around the yard, and I did. It was always a fun thing for me to do. First, I just wanted to be around my dad and help out in the yard, but as time went by and I got older, I found myself dreaming of having my own home and having all the tools I would need to have a great yard in my dream garage. I loved what my dad and I did with our yard, and I wanted my own. I wanted my dream garage to be just like his.

I had to have a garage like my dad. In that garage I would have every single tool and landscaping implement to make my yard look the best I could make it. I wanted my yard to be a dream yard. I wanted it to be something that was made just for me. The tools I would need would be super important. 

For the lawn, I wanted the best lawn mower a person could buy. I wanted a zero turn lawn mower. I saw the advertisements on TV and I’ve seen them in the hardware stores and was always impressed with how they looked and what they could do to a yard to make a yard look its best without a bunch of effort. With that item taken care of, the rest of the tools I needed had to fill my garage.

I needed an edger to take care of the details my cub cadet mower just wasn’t able to reach. An gas edger for me.This was what I wanted to make this part of the job easy. I didn’t want an electric edger. If I had one of those on hand I would also have to have an extension cord that could stretch out to all parts of my front and back yard. That seemed too much trouble. 

I needed a fertilizer spreader to be able to easily nourish my yard. I wanted one that could spread out many feet in all directions so I didn’t have to go back and forth through my yard row after row. Keeping my yard weed free with a thick full lawn was for me. 

I wanted a below-ground irrigation system so I could have my yard watered on a timer. I didn’t want to have to lug around long and heavy hoses so my dream garage would not only have to include the cub cadet mower with the gas edger, it would have to have a great fertilizer spreader. With a below-ground sprinkler system, I needed replacement parts for my watering system and the tools to repair it. 

I wanted to have the tools to keep my flower beds looking great. I want weeding tools to hand on my garage walls. I needed branch and twig trimming tools so I could keep my trees and bushes trimmed and looking great. 

I would need a leaf blower for the fall. Leaves would fall all over my yard and my dream garage would hold a space for a gas leaf blower that could clear my yard in a matter of minutes. This leaf blower could also double as a leaf collector to keep my yard looking great during the cool fall. 

All of these tools I would need to purchase to keep my yard looking great. I would have each piece and tool hung proudly in my dream garage, just like my dad did.



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