Everything you need to know about Roman Blinds


When decorating your home, it is likely you have fallen for the trap of a variety of blinds, curtains, and traditional window coverings, leaving you overwhelmed with choice. While the curtain remains to be a more traditional and common go-to, there are in fact hundreds of choices to go for in place! Ranking up to first place and becoming ever so popular are the Roman Blinds. 

It is important to recognise that there are three different types of lining for your Roman blinds, all of which have different features suited to your needs. This includes the Light Filtering Lining, the Blackout Lining and Thermal Lining. 

The Rana Roman Blind Range 

Our Rana range comes filled with a beautiful range in colours, ranging from bright and light to vibrant and dark. The most prominent detailing in this range is most undoubtedly the intricate abstract detail on the blinds, presented in a lighter shade to the original blind colour, the beautiful design creates a fantastic contrast. Our range in rana blinds include colours such as Sky, Slate and Wheat.

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The Centauri Roman Blind Range 

The Centauri range covers a beautiful set of colours that are bound to add an eccentric feel to your home. Available in colours such as Ivory, Amethyst and Indigo, the Centauri range adds depth to a space. Our range in the Centauri Roman Blind is a really effective way to bring texture to your room, adding shade and even adding an added intricacy into the home. 

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The Virgo Roman Blind Range

Looking for something with a more pastel touch to your Roman Blinds? The Virgo Roman Blind range not only covers a beautiful set of colours but also an intricate and delicate detail which really brings out the more traditional side of your home. This beautiful range of Virgo Roman Blinds have a stunning and gentle cross hatch detailing. Our range in Virgo blinds cover colours such as Heather, Denim and Ecru

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Not found what you’re looking for? We still have an extensive range of fabulous Roman Blinds that are certain to grab your attention. From intricate detailing and bold colours, to vibrant fuelled simplistic Roman Blinds, here at DotCom Blinds we can undoubtedly provide you with the right blinds for you, built on quality, design and style!


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