Five Essential Kitchen Accessories You Need To Invest In


Your home is your pride and joy, after your children of course (if you have any). It is the apple of your eye and one of the most significant investments you will ever make in your life.

You always want to ensure its curb appeal is always maintained, but it is no easy task remodelling or renovating your home’s interiors. It needs you to invest a lot of time and money and one of the difficult tasks is remodelling the kitchen space.

The kitchen is the beating heart bit of your home, it is the congregating place where the entire family has their meals or spend quality time together. Thus, the kitchen ought to be aesthetically appealing, accessible and clutter-free. However, getting a clutter-free kitchen is easier said than done.

No matter how big your kitchen is and with the plethora of utensils, ingredients and appliances, there seems to be never enough space. You are always in need of more storage space and greater accessibility. An effective way of not only increasing the storage capacity of your kitchen but also accentuating its looks considerably is kitchen cabinet accessories,

It is vital to get the right type of kitchen cabinet accessories to assist in making optimal use of your cabinet space. Below are some kitchen cabinet accessories that will go a long way in improving the efficiency of your kitchen and making it more user-friendly;

      1.    Pullout Spice Rack

The challenge many homeowners face is storing spice jars and bottles in a manner that is safe and organised. It is because typically spice containers are small in size and easily get lost in the rear and inaccessible corners of the cabinet. Also, they are obscured from your view by larger containers and become easy to forget.

A pullout spice rack is an incredibly an accessory that is amazingly useful that takes up very little space and can easily solve this problem. You can store your spice and oil containers in a single place in a safe, accessible and organised manner with a narrow pice rack that is approximately 3 inches wide.

It will ensure that your ingredients are easily available when you need them, saving you considerable time.

      2.    Trash Can Pullout

Trash can pull outs are popular among homeowners, as they make a kitchen more functional, clutter-free and hygienic. It is a base-cabinet accessory that is typically installed under the sink.

The benefit of a trash can pullout is that it makes preparing meals more efficient and convenient. When preparing meals, you can discard and dispose of waste by pulling out the trash can under the countertop.

Additionally, the pullout trash can hide the wastebasket from view, thus, ensuring the sight of a full wastebasket does not blemish the image of your gorgeous kitchen.

      3.    Blind Corner Pullout Shelves

Blind corner pullout shelves are must-have kitchen accessories, especially for smaller kitchens with space constraints. A cabinet’s corners are often hard to reach and this inaccessibility makes the space unusable, as you want the hassle of rummaging through your cabinets to find what you need.

Such a scenario can be very problematic in a small kitchen that does not have sufficient space. Investing in a set of blind corner pullout shelves is the best solution, as they will assist you makes the best use of the inaccessible corners of your cabinetry.

The shelves can be pulled out of the cabinet making it easier for you to reach any stored items without having to stretch and reach into the hard-to-access corners.

      4.    Base Cabinet Pullout Step Stool

Accessing the highest shelves of the wall cabinets from the ground level is often difficult, especially for short people. A cabinet pullout stool is a necessary insert accessory to have as it will help you access the upper shelves of your wall cabinets with ease.

It opens up on two sides, providing a vertical lift making it easy to grab anything on the high shelves by climbing on top of the stool. When you do not need to use the stool, it will go back into its concealed base cabinet shelf so it does not clutter your exterior kitchen space.

      5.    Pantry Larder With Wooden Bottom Shelves

If you are unable to store food items and cooking essential efficiently in your cabinet, one of the kitchen cabinet accessories you need to install is a telescopic larder. It comes with full extension wooden shelves within your pantry cabinet.

The pantry larder will maximise the storage space in your pantry, allowing you to arrange everything safely and systematically. It is fixed to the pantry cabinet door and comes with multiple shelves. You can choose the number of shelves that you need according to the height of your cabinet door. Moreover, you can also adjust the height of the shelves to fit your cabinet door size perfectly.

At MHC World, we have an extensive range of affordable kitchen accessories to bring your dream kitchen into reality, making it more accessible with lots of storage space. Call us!