Give New Life To Your Carpet Through Professional Carpet Cleaning 


There are countless reasons why a homeowner or business must hire a professional carpet cleaner with the right skills and equipment in carpet cleaning. People who specialize in carpet cleaning can be expected to deliver high quality of work with the right tools to wash and dry the carpet. Vacuuming will only remove the dirt from the surface and not the firmly-embedded grime. 

Ideally, carpets must be professionally cleaned but many homeowners prefer to do the cleaning and vacuuming by themselves to save money. However, some methods used in DIY carpet cleaning can damage the carpet. Too much shampoo may be used or the carpet may not be adequately rinsed. Once a soapy residue builds up, the carpet becomes more susceptible to dirt. 

Another common mistake that most homeowners unknowingly commit is over-wetting the carpet that results in the backing and pad getting wet. Drying becomes difficult and the backing materials may cause discoloration. Some types of carpets shirk when too much water is used during cleaning. If the carpet is not rinsed and dried properly, it can become the breeding ground for molds and mildew. 

Stains can be caused by furniture when it comes into contact with wet carpets. If the furniture has feet that are partially made from metal, it can leave rusty stains on the carpet. Professional carpet cleaners make use of foam blocks or foil-backed cardboard squares to make sure that the furniture does not come into contact with the wet carpet. A better option though is the removal of all furniture inside a room where the carpet is being cleaned. 

Expert carpet cleaners make use of different carpet cleaning processes. Dry extraction is actually a moisture-controlled process where the amount of cleaning agent used is controlled as well as how they are applied. Two counter-revolving brushes will move the cleaning agent throughout the carpet to dissolve dirt. The dissolved dirt including liquid content will be re-absorbed to leave the carpet dry for vacuuming and immediate use. 

Another carpet cleaning method is wet extraction which is very efficient and guaranteed to avoid most problems associated with manmade carpets. The carpet is pre-conditioned using a grooming brush to agitate the fibers. The carpet will be deep-cleaned using environmentally-friendly and biodegradable chemicals at a very high temperature. At least 95% of the water and cleaning solution used will be extracted to achieve drying time of just 2 to 4 hours.

The hot extraction system is usually mounted on a truck with its water and electrical resources. The wet extraction method is often used on heavily-soiled carpets in homes, hotels and business establishments. Specific challenges that include stains and spills are gently brushed off the carpet while it is still wet to bring new life and beauty to the carpet.