Housewarming party tips and ideas for a new homebuyer

    party tips and ideas for a new homebuyer

    So, you’ve just moved in to your new house and the boxes lie unpacked. You’re all set to show off and boast your new home to your neighbors and relatives. Is there any better way of doing that than arranging a proper housewarming party? Regardless of whether you’ve taken resort to or such other sites to sell your old home and buy a new one, it takes lots of guts to organize and decorate your new home before presenting it to others.

    If you’re a new homebuyer who is still not sure where to start, we’re here to help you with the following tips and ideas to plan a perfect housewarming party. Keep reading!

    • Determine your housewarming budget

    Before making any decisions regarding the main party, you should have a clear idea on the funds that you have to spend on it, keeping in mind the huge down payment that you have just done on your house. Never have any obligation to throw a grand party as housewarming parties are usually casual affairs. Once you decide your budget, you can move on to the other details.

    • Decide on a reasonable date

    While there are many who wait for few months between moving and throwing a party, there are some others who like it immediately after moving in. The key lies to working in parameters where you’re comfortable. So, decide on a date when you can recover financially from the hectic move and forget about the pressure of settling in a new place.

    • Have a realistic plan

    Whenever its party-planning, it has to start with grand ideas which eventually get chucked off for some reasonable logic. There’s nothing wrong about it as there’s none who’ll come expecting an Instagram-worthy soiree. Hence, you have to set realistic goals and don’t pressurize yourself on meeting any unrealistic party standard.

    • Put a limit on the guest list

    A housewarming party doesn’t mean you have to invite too many people. It is nothing but a get-together sort of event where you invite acquaintances. When you’re on a budget, you should curtail your guest list to just those whom you can’t avoid. This will make your party more personal and at the same time, cost-effective.

    • Skip any gawdy decorations

    Your new home is the setting of the party and it is the main star. Anything else that you show is just icing on the cake. Though it’s true that decorations can add up soon but if you’re on a budget, just skip them and make sure your house looks at its best. In case you still want to add special touches, get yourself things that you can use later like string lights or some nice piece of art. For serving services, you may seek help of Food Fire + Knives if you find them to be within your budget.

    Therefore, now that you’re familiar with the tips and ideas for a perfect housewarming party, follow them to welcome your guests to your new abode.