How Does Professional Surface Disinfection Benefit your Space?


    The year 2020 has proven to be an unpredictable time. From Coronavirus to rumors of other potential illnesses and disease being spread—many businesses have been forced to shut down. If they have managed to stay open, businesses must limit their service and spaces, with some even facing bankruptcy. Fortunately, there is a way to rebuild confidence for your clients and customers and provide a safe area for you and your loved ones. Without the risk of leftover film, harsh residues, pungent chemicals, or over sterilization – professional surface disinfection is a must.

    Addressing Common Worries and Concerns

    It is only natural that people are practicing disinfectionand sanitizing caution now more than ever. Limiting specific human interactions such as going out to eat or to the bar is standard, with people leaving the house only when it is necessary. While we are limiting our hobbies such as going to the gym or other social gatherings for fear of being infected, professional surface cleaning services eliminate the need to avoid your regular hobbies. 

    With commercial disinfection services like those offered at Germ Hero, you can put many of these worries to rest. With our eco-friendly products and state-of-the-art technologies, our highly trained specialists clean your surfaces with a 99.99% elimination rate. From bacteria to germs, viruses, pathogens, and more -we provide a safe, affordable way to disinfect your home or business. Better yet, we do so without the risk of damaging any equipment or over-sterilization.  

    Professional Surface Cleaning with EPA-Certified Disinfectants

    Managing high-touch traffic areas, whether in your own home or business, can be a daunting challenge. Areas such as light switches or door handles,railings,tables, and chairs are hot spots for bacteria and viruses to quickly buildup and spread. A thorough cleaning may take hours. Even then, covering all possible surfaces is still a challenge when using only traditional methods. Professional disinfection and sanitation through internally tested solutions like hypochlorous acid provide a safe and effective cleaning method you can trust. 

    Through professional surface disinfection, not only will you be helping to limit the spread of dangerous diseases, but you provide cleaner air.Additionally, regular surface disinfection also helps remove harmful bacteria that may trigger allergies. or aggravate asthma conditions. As you can see, there are many benefits to consider when talking about professional surface cleaning.

    What is Right for You?

    When considering how to manage your home or business, several factorsmust be considered. Whether it is a hard or carpet surface, an area used to prepare food, or where food will be consumed,you want to make sure you chose a service that will not compromise your health or equipment. Is the area you are looking to disinfect ofa porous nature? Certain products may break down fibers in your carpets,leaving a harsh film that destroys helpful bacteria. Also, you run the risk of possibly compromising your immunesystem’s strength. 

    To avoid exposing yourself, your business, and friends and family to strong odors and harsh fumes,contact Germ Hero today. We always take these factors into account when our trained specialists are sent to disinfect and sanitize your space. Ultimately, we take the guesswork out of mixingand combining chemicals and deciding which equipment is best.

    At Germ Hero, we dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality cleaning and peace of mind forcustomers. Using eco-friendly productsand the latest technology, we ensure thorough and safe disinfection for allyour surfaces. Whether you require residential, commercial, or a more specialized service, we have everything you need to reopen and stay that way. For peace of mind and a clean building, get your free consultation today!

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