How To Pick the Perfect Wallpaper for Your Home


The right wallpaper can add visual interest to any room. To find the right look, consider the size and function of every area you’ll be papering.

  • Large, bold wallpaper prints work best in bigger spaces. While they might make a room seem too confined when applied to every surface, big designs on a single wall can create a sense of intimacy while avoiding a boxed-in feeling.
  • In general, smaller prints are better for small areas, as they can make a room appear larger. They are well suited to bathrooms and entries, but they can also be a good choice in areas where large patterns might overwhelm your furniture and accessories.
  • Striped designs on wallpaper are useful for creating the illusion of more space in a room. Strong vertical lines with a light-colored ceiling can make a room look much taller than it actually is.
  • Conversely, wall coverings with horizontal lines have the effect of drawing the room’s dimensions outward and making it appear wider. Think about using stripes in any small- to mid-sized room to which you’d like to add a feeling of openness.
  • Color also affects the perception of space in a room. Light hues and patterns usually make an area feel larger and more open. Also, when lighting is dim, hushed tones can make a room seem more bright and airy. Consider lightly-colored wall coverings in rooms that don’t have a lot of windows.
  • When darker papers are applied to walls, they often have the opposite effect of making a room look smaller and cozier. Dens, libraries and bedrooms are suited to dusky hues. As with bold patterns, you can strike a happy medium by applying a dark paper to only one wall to provide an accent that won’t overwhelm the entire space.
  • Textured patterns can give your walls a sense of dimension and richness. You can find wallpaper made from materials such as silk, sisal and cork, and it is also available in patterns that mimic wood, marble and even bricks. Textures work in almost any room.
  • Geometrical patterns, such as grids, chevrons, and diamonds, have a way of anchoring a room. Many people find them to be energizing and choose to incorporate geometric paper into home offices, kitchens and other rooms that bustle with activity.

Use these tips to help you find wallpaper you will love. With all of the options, there’s sure to be a style that is perfect for every room in your home.


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