The Right Solutions with the Best Extension Builder


To make a small space appear larger or to enlarge a room without pushing the walls, sometimes it is enough to have a different arrangement, a particular shade or a few well-placed accessories. Here are smart tips to go (visually) from an interior size XS to XL. From the extension builders you can find the best choice.

The basic rules for not cluttering a room and enlarging it visually

Bring clarity: colors can transform volumes. To give the impression of space, light shades are most suitable for walls and floors.

Adjust the lines: do not forget the lines, those of furniture, walls, doors and any other structural element. The more the lines are adjusted, placed at the same height, the more there will be a visual impression.

Sort: to avoid overflows on all sides and accumulations of time, it is important to take courage with both hands and to sort your things from time to time so as not to be overwhelmed by things that have become cumbersome and, often, ‘no use.

Adapted storage: choose furniture suitable for what you have to store. A well thought-out wardrobe will allow you to store a collection of handbags often stored in the entrance.

Furniture layout

 A thought out arrangement: depending on the circulation areas (entrance, access to windows or another room) and the dimensions of the furniture, we will position the furniture so that it creates defined living areas, while leaving areas free of passage. When the furniture is to be purchased, you have to take into account what you have to store there, the maximum dimensions that the space and the covering allow you to create in harmony.

Avoid accumulating small pieces of furniture: prefer a large low storage unit, for example, to a series of three smaller pieces of furniture placed here and there in the room. It is good to have walls without furniture and without a painting, because the gaze also needs to rest.

Low or hanging furniture to clear the eye: current furniture is simplified in lines and becomes airy. This contributes to the liberation of space, let’s take advantage of it.

Colors that help visually enlarge a small space

You should favor light colors. They reflect the light and, as a result, the space becoming luminous will take on its full extent. Pretty colors “cotton”, “linen “, “string “, or “cloud” and “ash” are contemporary and bring more warmth than a simple white.

Open your interior

In some cases, dark shades bring depth where it is lacking: to bring depth in a cramped place, one can use darker shades.To bring rhythm and stretch the walls, you can use graphics (wallpaper, for example) and vertical stripes can lengthen a wall.


All shades are composed from the three primary colors and we can then add white (to go to pastels) or black (to go to colored grays). Depending on the proportions, we find the most appropriate colors to create harmony while avoiding the sometimes boring shades.