How to Prepare for Solar Panel Installation in Your Home

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You have decided to make the switch to solar. Congratulations, you are about to join the ranks of 12 million American households that get their energy from the sun.

Before you have your big solar celebration, however, you must complete some important steps to make sure your solar panel installation is completed the right way.

This guide will tell you all you need to know when it comes to preparing your home for a solar panel installation.

Find Out How Much Power You Use

The first step in getting your house ready for the big switch is to determine the total kilowatt-hours of power that your family uses daily. You need to find out a total year’s worth of usage. This will determine the number of solar panels you need.

You can find this information with ease by checking your old utility bills or calling your power company. Bring this information to your initial consultation with a company specializing in solar panel installation.

Determine a Suitable Location

The most common place to install a solar panel system is the south-facing aspect of a building’s roof. This is because south-facing aspects often receive the most amount of sunlight in the northern hemisphere.

The rooftop is not the only option, however. If your roof isn’t suitable for installation due to structural integrity or lack of sunlight issues, you can also install solar panels on a ground-mounted array.

Determine which location on your property gets the most sunlight. You may want to knock out some trees or clear some brush to open up more sun-lighten areas.

Pick a location as close as possible to your house. Keep in mind the farther away your system is away from the utility hook-up, the more costly it will be to extend the connection to your system.

Think About Batteries

Battery technology has come a long way. If you are looking for a true off-grid solar experience you may want to consider batteries. That way, even if the grid goes down your system can continue to produce and store power for your consumption.

If you are interested in a battery system, think about where you want to install these batteries and talk to your solar professional during your initial consultation on how best to prepare for a battery system installation.

Prepare Installation Site for Solar Panels

If you are choosing a ground-mounted option this means clearing away any brush or obstacles at the chosen location to make the installation process easier. It also may mean cutting down any trees that impede sunlight.

If you decide on a roof-mounted system this means ensuring the structural integrity and durability of your roof. Most solar panel systems are rated for at least 20 years which can often be a longer period of time than most roof’s life expectancy.

This may mean you have to replace or at least update your roof to ensure the integrity of both your solar panel system and your home.

Soak up the Sun

Solar panel systems give you energy independence and help you do your part in preserving the Earth for future generations. If you are planning on installing a system, this a testament to your intelligence and benevolence towards the environment.

With a few simple pre-installation tips, you will be ready for the big day in no time. Get them done today to ensure your energy independence. For all your other news and information make sure to check out the rest of our blog.


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