How To Prevent Blocked Drains In Seven Hills   


[Copy] Maintaining your household drains and all its inner workings can be a time-consuming chore. But what are the repercussions of not instilling regular checks to ensure that things are functioning properly? You could be faced with problems much larger than you ever necessary if routine checks were only made a priority. Severely clogged drains can wreak havoc and will undoubtedly land up costing you some money. That is why we have compiled a list of preventative measures that can be put into place before any of this disaster strikes in your family home. So, let’s dive straight in and see what you can do to keep your drains healthy and happy with our list below.

Watch What You Wash Down The Sink

It is commonly misunderstood that you can just do away with anything down your kitchen sink. But really, this is not the case at all and will most likely lead to a nasty blockage. Coffee grounds, grease, hair and soap scum are your drain’s most feared enemies! They can cause severe build up so it is advised that you throw any bits of leftover food or coffee straight into your dustbin and try to prevent excess hair and soap from escaping into the abyss. In the instance of whipping up a greasy fry-up on a Sunday morning, allow the remaining oil to cool down before emptying it into a container and disposing of it in your trash.

Make Use Of A Sink Strainer

If you don’t already own one of these, we suggest going and grabbing one for yourself ASAP. If you do already own one, it’s advisable to keep it firmly in place as it plays an important role in preventing a clog down the line. All you have to ensure is a thorough clean out every so often, which will depend on how often your sinks are used.

Boiling Water 

Boiling water can assist in breaking down food and grease build-up in your sink’s drains. It is suggested to perform this task at least once weekly to prevent greater build-up from occurring and resulting in a full-blown blockage.

Make Use Of Baking Soda 

This miracle substance is fantastic for putting an end to unwanted drain build-up. Throw in a good tablespoon along with some boiling water and witness its magical, cleaning agent qualities take their course. Not only is it great for keeping things clean, but it will also kill off any horrible smells that may occur from a clog.

Make Use Of Vinegar 

If you don’t have baking soda lying around and aren’t up for the schlep to your local supermarket, check your pantry for vinegar! It’s functions broaden far wider than just being great on your crunchy, garden salad or over your potato chips. It contains acetic acid, an organic component that can dissolve right through built-up gunk making it an extremely effective preventative solution. Just combine with some boiling water and toss it down your drains about once or twice weekly.


Adding small, precautionary habits into your daily and weekly regime is undoubtedly going to be beneficial if implemented in any area of prevention surrounding household systems and appliances. However, let us remember that these are preventative measures and so if you do notice that your drains are starting to smell strange or aren’t draining as efficiently as they did before, this could signal toward a blocked drain Seven Hills in your home. If this is the case, we suggest getting in contact with us today and we will see to it that your Seven Hills home’s drains are functioning at their full capacity in no time.