Is Assisted Living in Camarillo CA the Right Choice for Your Family?


The rise in assisted living communities comes from the demand for help for seniors who need assistance with some everyday activities but still want to have some independence. There are options available for every budget and preference. If you are considering assisted living in Camarillo CA for your loved one, there are some things you should know in order to see if it is the right choice.

Services Offered

Assisted living in Camarillo CA can offer many different services. Some of the general services include dressing, toileting, eating, personal hygiene, transportation, and medication management. Some of the safety services include an around-the-clock nursing staff, emergency call systems, and controlled access. Lifestyle services can vary by facility and some include religious services, exercise programs, residential activities, and wellness programs.

Cost of Assisted Living

The average cost of assisted living varies widely due to all the differences in facilities. Location is one of the most significant factors and communities in more desirable areas are going to come with higher price tags. The size of the assisted living apartment is also a factor, as well as the choice between private or semi-private rooms.

Reducing the Cost of Assisted Living

If the cost of assisted living is a factor in whether or not it’s the right choice for you, there are some ways to make it more affordable. You can rent a smaller space or choose to share a room. You can also review services and level of care. The more care your loved one needs, the more expensive it will be. For example, memory care can be more expensive. Consider the motivating factors behind the transition to assisted living and consider the care you need.

Paying for Assisted Living

There are plenty of different ways that you can pay for assisted living. Pooling the savings and incomes of different family members is usually the most straightforward way to pay for this kind of care. If the aging parent has a life insurance policy, this may also be used to pay. Long-term care insurance is also another popular way to pay if your loved one has this type of policy. It’s also not uncommon for seniors to transition into assisted living and use the proceeds from their home sale in order to pay for it. Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of assisted living but may cover some of the cost of the health care your loved one gets at the facility.

Assisted living care is just one of the options for senior care. If you find that assisted living care isn’t the right choice for your family, there may be other options available, such as independent living, memory care, and residential care.