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With its generally transparent window, the front washing machine allows loading from the front. Its capacity is often large and ideal for washing clothes for a whole family. Which one to choose according to your needs? We help you. Choose the Best washing machine in India for the best use.

Find Options for You

Front-mounted washing machines have grown enormously in recent years and represent 2/3 of the market. There are now more and more designer models, available in many colors to blend in harmoniously with their environment and with ever wider windows to facilitate loading.

  • In general, these devices are wider than the models opening from the top and therefore take up more space on the ground, but the manufacturers compete in ingenuity to offer products with reduced dimensions with similar technical characteristics. The main advantage of these washing machines is that they can directly serve as a worktop or be integrated into the bathroom or laundry room for aesthetic reasons. In return, they require more space to be able to open the porthole and it is necessary to bend down to be able to fill and empty the drum.
  • The vast majority of us have at least one at home, the washing machine is one of the most used household appliances. If this machine is not generally part of pleasure purchases, it must nevertheless be admitted that its presence has revolutionized laundry chores and contributes to our daily comfort. Called upon every week and even sometimes daily depending on the number of people living in the household, the washing machine must not only be efficient but also last over time. Also, the purchase of this device is not done on a whim and deserves careful consideration. What are the criteria to take into account when choosing a washing machine? Discover the advice of our specialists in this guide. 

Choice of washing machine: what criteria should be taken into account so as not to make mistakes? 

There is a wide range of washing machines on the market, the functionality and capacity of which vary depending on the model. Faced with this vast choice, it is better to understand your needs before going to the store. Follow the guide to choose the right device for your use.

Choose Your Washing Machine According To The Type Of Appliance And Its Size

In the washing machine market, there are two main categories of products which are window washing machines and top washing machines with top opening. 

The Washing Machine

The window device is certainly the most widespread. Wider, it offers a front opening with laundry loading from the front. In addition to offering highly variable storage capacities of up to 15 kg, this type of machine can easily be fitted into a cabinet to take up less space. 

The Top Washing Machine

The top-loading appliance has the advantage of having a reduced width compared to the washing machine with a window. In addition, its opening from the top does not require any clearance space, which allows an easier configuration of the laundry room. Inaccessible to the little ones, this type of configuration also provides more safety for children. In addition, the laundry is loaded from the top, your back will thank you. On the other hand, this kind of model is less discreet, not being able to fit under a work plan.


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