Selecting Curtains For Increased Privacy


When picking window treatment, an important factor to take into consideration is if the curtains maintain your personal privacy. Therefore, when selecting curtains online, you should bear in mind their properties and your environment. This will affect how much work the curtain needs to do to give you the desired amount of privacy.

Importance of personal privacy

You require to pick drapes that safeguard you from spying eyes during the day and the night. When it’s dark outside and the lights are switched on, passersby can see within.

Provide yourself and your family with comfort and personal privacy by picking heavier textile curtains for your bedrooms. Sheers and light-coloured curtains are amazing for living rooms. They come in different shades and designs and provide privacy during the day and enable even more daylight to come in the area.

Tab Top Curtains

Tab top drapes are amongst the most previously owned kinds of curtains. The “tabs” on them are made from the same fabric as the curtains in complementing or opposing colour. This type of drapes does not require pins or hooks.

They glide via the pole and are simple to attach. The rod is displayed when making use of tab top drapes, so it can emerge as a part of the entire appearance.

You ought to likewise service the pole regularly. When closed, tab top drapes appear flat, which makes them fantastic for revealing patterns and motifs. They are superb for any type of interior decoration and are just one of the least expensive alternatives on the marketplace.


Voile is a crisp, open weave fabric that is best made use of for sheers. It collects and drapes splendidly, creating a light, fresh atmosphere while maintaining a high degree of privacy.

Do not fret if this appears a bit over-bearing right now. Our in-home style professionals know the various kinds of fabrics truly well and can assist you make the best choice to accomplish design and performance in the various rooms of your house.


Constructed from either natural or artificial fibres, if you desire prestige and richness in a room, pick velvet. It’s thick and hefty, making it excellent for shutting out cold air, sunlight and noise. And it drapes well, offering areas a regal appearance.

Pleated Panel Curtains

Pleated curtains are a timeless kind of drapes. They work incredibly with traditional and rigid residence style. The gentle pleats are developed since the header of the curtains is stitched.

A selection of designs are readily available depending on the sort of sewing– they can be singular, dual or triple-pleated, on top of the curtain or somewhat down the upper end. Whether classic or customized, they can be found on a range of textiles and colours.


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