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When relying on movers, unforeseen moves can arise. This can seem confusing and we do not always know how to react according to the complication. Very often, there are solutions to remedy it, to compromise with the movers or obtain compensation. It gives you some tips and advice to make your move smoothly.

The different types of unforeseen events in a move

Several types of moving unforeseen events can occur. We give you a non-exhaustive list: from the least annoying to the most restrictive. You can go for the long distance movers phoenix az now.

It is too late to apply for a parking permit

Unforeseen move In this case, nothing dramatic. If the movers could not obtain the parking authorization in time because your move had to be organized in a hurry.

There are two cases:

  • The moving truck is parked in nearby parking spaces. 
  • If these are chargeable, the parking meter or the fine received will be at your expense.  
  • There are no parking spaces nearby.
  • The movers will have to work with a greater carrying distance; the additional distance will be passed on to the customer’s bill.

The keys to the new accommodation are in a cardboard box which is already at the bottom of the truck

You can smile behind your screen but it is a situation that occurs quite regularly. In this case, the movers must empty the whole truck in order to recover the famous box and find the keys. This additional maneuver can also generate additional costs.

An elevator failure on arrival or departure

Elevator breakdown is also a moving problem that movers are used to dealing with. We can distinguish two cases:

The movers go through the stairs

Depending on the floor, the additional cost will not be the same: above the 2 ND floor, you have to plan about 100 € per additional floor, knowing that this amount may vary according to the professionals.

The movers use a furniture lift

Depending on the number of floors, the practicability of the stairs and the possibility or not of having them, the movers can decide to install a furniture lift. In some situations, it is essential, faster and more efficient and can even be more economical than going up the stairs. Count on average 300 € for an address (loading or delivery).

A breakdown of the moving truck

Yes, this situation can unfortunately happen: trucks are very busy on removals, they drive daily, regularly over long distances, and the heat in summer can be fatal.

The movers can overcome this problem more or less quickly depending on the distance they are from their agency. Usually, they pick up another company truck to carry out your move. If the delay due to the use of another moving truck causes difficulties, the movers will bear the consequences.

Manage the unforeseen with the movers

Depending on the unforeseen, you may therefore be faced with more or less significant additional costs. You can usually settle these additional costs out of court directly with the mover at the end of the move.


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