Signs To Know Your Drains Need Cleaning

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The drain is an essential area for the proper functioning, not only of the plumbing system but of your home in general. That is why we must know when drains need cleaning.

Every time we turn on a tap, flush the toilet, or turn on the washing machine, we use our drainage system. And like any area of ​​our house that has continuous use, it can quickly deteriorate.

Some signs are obvious, but others not so much, so here we tell you all those little signs that you should be alert to about your drain, as they will notify you when it is time to clean or when you need a mold damage remediation.

  1. Slow Drainage

Perhaps the most obvious sign that the drain needs cleaning is when the drain becomes slow. When it does not remove the wastewater quickly, you must act immediately; otherwise, your bathtub, sink, or shower will begin to fill with water and, in the long term to obstruct the pipes.

  1. Smell Of Sewage

This signal is very unpleasant but also noticeable, which is advantageous to be able to deal with the problem quickly. The foul smell in the drain is a clog caused by accumulated debris that is usually organic.

These are common in the sink and toilet. In addition to causing overflows and odors, they can infect pipes and put your health at risk. In the summer months, this problem can become severe because the smell of putrefaction will be much more noticeable and can permeate the affected area and the entire home.

  1. Insects Around The Drain

Debris that causes clogged pipes can easily break down and attract flies around the drain. These insects, in addition to being a nuisance, can bring diseases to your home.

The smell of decay may not reach your nostrils because it is mild, but it will surely attract the fly near the blocked drain. Also, other insects can appear at home thanks to a clogged drain. You will notice these with more particularity in the bathroom and kitchen.

Deteriorated septic tanks, sewers, and drains are the most common breeding grounds for these insects and some vermin, such as rats. The latter can appear at home when the obstruction is not treated in a long time or has extended to the plumbing system that leads to the sewers.


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