Smart Options for Asbestos Testing


Asbestos has been banned in France since 1997. Widely used for its thermal and acoustic insulation properties as well as for its fire resistance, this fibrous structure is still very present in many buildings today. As the leading cause of work-related death (excluding accidents at work), asbestos represents a first-rate health concern for the public authorities, which have set up a diagnosis with a view to monitoring and gradually reducing its presence in the French real estate landscape. You can go foor the Asbestos Testing Near Me  search there.

Who is affected by the asbestos diagnosis?

The aim of the energy performance diagnosis is to encourage both owners and tenants to encourage energy renovation in order to reduce the energy consumption of buildings and limit its environmental emissions.

For owners: Obtain information on the consumption of heating, cooling and domestic hot water production devices, and study the most suitable solutions to reduce the amount of their energy bills;

For co-owners: Analyze the consumption of the collective equipment of the co-ownership and consider reducing the amount of rental charges related to energy;

For users and visitors: Give priority to establishments committed to an environmental approach tending to limit energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

In case of sale

The asbestos diagnosis must be carried out by the owner of the premises. Any work to bring it up to standard must be carried out within three years following the date of signature of the deed of sale. The cost will be borne by the seller or the buyer according to the agreement established between the two parties at the time of the sale. In case of asbestos testing this is important.

For an apartment:

The asbestos diagnosis breaks down as follows:

An asbestos private file

A common asbestos file Only the private asbestos file is the responsibility and the initiative of the owner . This diagnosis covers all the private areas concerned (apartment, cellar, parking lot, etc.).

For a detached house?

The asbestos diagnosis is entirely the responsibility of the owner and concerns all of the property and its outbuildings.

In case of rental

Although the asbestos diagnosis is not part of the diagnoses to be annexed to the rental lease, it is still necessary to carry out this diagnosis. In fact, since the decree of June 5, 2011, the owner must make available to the tenant the “private asbestos file” (DAPP), if he so requests.

the private asbestos file must be made available to the tenant. The owner must inform him, by all means, of the procedures for consulting the file.

In the event of destruction

It is the same during the partial or total destruction of a building. The asbestos diagnosis can be carried out either by a technical controller holding an aggregation from the Ministry of Equipment or by a technician with a certificate of exercise from an approved body. If the presence of asbestos is detected, the building must be decontaminated before demolition.


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