Moving tips for service members


Moving is almost never easy. Even if you prepare for it in advance. Every relocation comes with many different moving parts (it is not a joke, even if it sound like one), and staying in command at all times – well, it isn’t easy. Nor simple. And especially if you are moving with your family. Or with your pets. Once you realize that it isn’t only you that you’ll have to take care of, things tend to get even more complicated. And that is something that we will try to conquer today. In today’s article, we will try to present you as many useful tips for service members as possible. So, stay tuned and learn how to make your next move easier on you and your loved ones. Let’s dive in!

Proper planning is key to success

Like in any other sphere of life, having a proper strategy in place is something that will help you better understand this whole process. And moving house, for the first or for the fiftieth time – it doesn’t matter. It is still a process. And one that will require your complete devotion. That is – if you want things to play out smoothly. And we believe you do. Here is what moving professionals at Purple Heart Moving Group advise you to do in order to plan your next relocation by the book:

  • Take your time
  • Rest and eat well
  • Relax
  • Prepare yourself mentally for what’s to come
  • Buy a notebook or install an app that will help you get organized
  • Make a plan
  • Stick to your schedule 
  • Complete your tasks
  • And finally – move in!

Yes, once you put it like this, moving doesn’t seem so scary. Or complicated for that matter. However, you shouldn’t let this feeling guide you. Moving is a complicated process. And the sooner you realize that, the better. 

Take your time

Sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it? Well, it probably does. On the other hand, since moving is something that will require your complete devotion, and a lot of your time and energy – it is only logical that you’ll need to prepare yourself. And that takes time.

Rest and eat well

This might sound obvious, however most service members forget to take care of themselves while relocating. Your family is having to move. Again. And they are not happy about it. It stresses you out. You are not sure what will this move bring to you and your loved ones. Your next post might be better than the last one. Or your kids can hate it. You can never know what will happen next. And it all stresses you out. 

That is precisely why you need to take care of yourself first. Before you even start planning your move. You need to be in the right space in order to prepare for your next move. Just trust us on this one. You will thank yourself in the end.

Relax and prepare yourself mentally

Sleeping and eating does matter. However, everything starts with our head. And it needs to be in the right space. That is only possible if we allow ourselves to relax. Go out for a jog. Enjoy a hot bath. Spend some time with your friends before you move. Do everything you can in order to beat all that stress that this relocation is bringing you. And once you do – you will be ready for what’s to come.

Buy a notebook or install an app that will help you get organized

You can do this the old fashioned way, or you can use an app. It doesn’t matter. But, as a service member – getting organized shouldn’t be too hard on you. You’ve done this many times before. 

Make a plan

Relocation organization shouldn’t take too much of your time. Focus, think twice before making any final decisions and write down everything. Even if it seems unimportant. Smallest details are what makes every relocation so hard. And forgetting about them can cause a lot of trouble. Moving mistakes are common and can happen to anyone. But, you should do your best in order to prevent them. And with proper planning – having a great relocation experience, stress and hassle-free is more than just an option. 

Stick to your schedule and complete your tasks

One by one. It is the best and the easiest thing you can do. Each and every time you move. Completing things gradually can help you make even the hardest tasks seem not so hard, and will also prevent you from making mistakes in a hurry. Also, try to remember that time is everything when moving. Even if it seems like you have a lot of it, you don’t. Your moving day will come sooner than you might expect it, and you will want to be ready for it. 

Do you need some kind of assistance for your move?

Moving on your own sounds like a great money-saving hack. However, it doesn’t have to be. Hiring professional movers can help you speed up your relocation, ensure your belongings safety and make this whole process easier on you. So, why not? There are even moving services designed for military personnel that can and will address your every need. So, consider asking for some assistance before deciding to DIY your relocation.

Prepare your loved ones for the move

This aspect matters. A lot. If you are moving away from home, make sure to spend some time with your friends and family. You won’t be seeing them as much as you’d like after you move, so if you can – spend some quality time with them while you still can. Make visitation plans, remember the good all days. Enjoy yourself. 

And if you are moving with your family, you should take some time to prepare your family members for what’s to come. Kids don’t see relocation as we do, and taking some extra care of their emotions during this transition should be your number one priority.