The Frying Pan You Would Relish Cooking In


The pan is a kitchen utensil that is part of our daily life. More complex and technical than it seems, it comes in various sizes, materials and coatings. Here is a quick overview of the questions to ask yourself in order to choose the right stove for your cooking and get it right every time. Here we go in search of the best frying pan.

The Basic Materials for You

From Reviewho you will be having the best options for the same now. Aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, copper, 20 to 36 cm in diameter, to sear, grill or simmer a dish, you could almost get lost in this multitude of stoves. Do you need to replace one of yours? A priori nothing very complicated, but once in front of the shelf, a wind of panic wins you. Which pan to choose? What material, what coating, what size, and for what use? No secret, to choose the pan that suits your needs, you must first ask the right questions.

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Very generally round in shape, the shape of the pan can vary and have specificities depending on the use intended for it: a crepe maker, a grill , a blinis or pancake pan , a fish pan. Another element of differentiation: their appearance. And yes, the world of cooking does not escape the effects of fashion. You will have the choice between stoves with a traditional look or others more design. The current trend is turning to stone stoves for a more authentic style. Besides the design, other elements are subject to fashion effects. At the moment a trend is impacting the sector of stove sales: eating well or eating “Healthy” while avoiding unnecessary fats. In fact, more and more cooks are turning to non-stick or ceramic pans to avoid having to add fat in their dishes.

Choose your stove according to the number of people in your household but also according to the size of your plates:

The diameter of the pan you choose is important for two reasons. First, we don’t always think about it, but your stove must be adapted to the size of your hobs. It is the assurance of having a very homogeneous cooking. Second point, the number of mouths to feed will also determine the diameter that your stove should have. Here is an example of a stove diameter / number of people ratio to help you choose your stove. These figures are approximations. The type of food cooked will also define the size of your pan. 

Choose your pan according to the cooked dish:

Various types of coatings exist. The pan is made of a basic material which will determine its cooking qualities. In addition to this base, brands add an interior coating for better adhesion or for simplified cleaning. This extra layer also helps limit the addition of fat to your pan. Here are the most common coatings.

Each of these coatings has its specifics. To make it easier for you, we have listed everything in a table to help you find the coating that best meets your expectations.



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