Tips for Choosing the Right Handgun


Choosing the right handgun has as much to do with personal preference as it does with which weapon best meets your needs. You will probably have safety and financial considerations in addition to a list of needs for self-defense, weapon size and carrying options. Thinking about all the personal aspects involved before you go shopping can help you make a decision you are happy about as well as find the right handgun for your needs.

List Your Reasons and Limitations

Sometimes the reasons why you want to buy a handgun will lead you to the right one without much searching. For instance, if you are a collector, then your search will take you to makes and models outside of your current inventory. If you want a reliable weapon and a concealed carry permit, then you will need to find one, like a SIG P320 for sale, that fits your frame and desired carry location.

Your limitations are another good thing to consider at this point because you might find something you want outside of your current budget. These limitations can also include the size of your gun safe, the holster you have, or which weapons are allowed in your lease. Your skill level and experience in handling firearms in general and handguns, in particular, should also be on this list. For example, beginners will not want to purchase a weapon designed for seasoned experts as it can be more difficult to master.

Compare Your List to Your Options

Once you have a list of reasons and limitations, you can compare that to the options available to you. Look at the specifications for different handguns in your area or online with your list in mind to narrow down the options to the best ones. It is a good idea to include the cost and availability of ammunition in your decision as well as shooting range sessions to help you get familiar with the weapon. If you are unsure how handgun specifications will translate to the things you have listed, search for informational blogs or advice on the best weapons for concealed carry, safety, or other concerns.

Finding the right handgun and accessories to buy can sometimes seem like an overwhelming process which includes many different factors and technical specifications that may be confusing. When you start the process by listing the reasons you want a handgun and what your financial or situational limitations are, however, you can narrow your options down to the right fit.


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