Useful Tips When Moving a Grandfather Clock to Another Room


    If you are the proud owner of a grandfather clock and have decided to relocate the timepiece to another room, there’s a lot to consider. Obviously, moving a very valuable item like a grandfather clock has its risks, and prior to doing anything, you need to be sure that you know what you are doing. You should already know exactly where the clock will be relocated and that space should be cleared so there are no furniture items in the way.

    Removing the Weights

    This is the first thing to do. Make sure to carefully wrap each weight in a blanket for protection. The pendulum also needs to be removed and wrapped separately and transported with great care. Once all of the weights are removed, this will leave a space inside the glass, which needs to be packed out with blankets.

    Packing the Cabinet

    Use soft blankets to pack out the interior, which will greatly reduce the chances of a glass breakage, then seal the door closed with tape at the top, middle and bottom. If you are looking for a long-case clock, check out the extensive collection of grandfather clocks at, a leading UK antique dealer. Don’t pack the blankets too tightly, as this will cause pressure to be put onto the glass, and make sure that the blankets don’t move.

    Wrapping the Entire Clock

    Ideally, large sheets of bubble wrap would be used to protect the body of the clock, but failing that, use soft blankets and secure them so that the clock is completely covered. There is also an informative article online with more tips for moving a grandfather clock, which is recommended reading.

    Try to Keep the Clock Upright

    While a grandfather clock can be laid on its side if protected correctly, if you are relocating the clock to another room, try to keep the clock upright. Obviously, the new location needs to be well-prepared, making sure that there is adequate space to manoeuvre the clock into place. Once that is done, you can go ahead with the move. Start by gently lifting the clock, making sure that you and your helper are fine with the weight before attempting the move and if you are not happy moving the clock, talk to a removalist who would be able to help.

    Twin Person Lifting

    Two able-bodied men should be able to lift the clock if they stand on each side, then carefully, they can move the clock towards the door. If you have a small platform trolley, even better, as this will make moving the clock much easier, and make sure that you have someone at the doors.

    Image Source: Freepik

    Of course, it goes without saying that the greatest of care must be taken when looking to relocate a grandfather clock, and make sure the interior is padded out with blankets to protect the glass, then wrap the entire clock with blankets and secure them with rope. Once in its new home, you can give the timepiece a good clean to remove fingerprints from the glass and then polish the timber.