When Style Meets Security, Iron Doors is the Result


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Which is more important, style or security? Luckily, with custom iron doors, you do not need to choose. From beautifying your front door to increasing security and safety in your home, selecting the front entryway door is the first step with the best material to meet both of your needs being iron. These doors are certainly not a new concept. Just look at many of the charming and beautiful old buildings that utilized durable materials that last generations while providing protection. These doors could do the same for your family and property.

Exterior Iron Doors

If you are pursuing individuality, creativity, and elegance in your exterior home design, custom iron doors bring a distinct appearance to the table that will certainly turn heads. Given the material, they can fit any doorway and are fully customizable which showcases an artisanal, hand-forged experience. In addition to their beauty, these doors are insulated to keep the heat in and the cold out. This will lower your utility costs which can be big savings over many years. In addition to being compatible with any locking system, they cannot be easily damaged, are strong, and built to withstand even the harshest weather.


With modern homes being built around natural light to create warmth and expansiveness, natural materials are required to bring the entire residence together. An iron door allows for the opening of windows to bring in the fresh air and natural light while still being guarded by a half-ton of iron! The aspect of bringing in light can be boosted by adding sidelights.


One important aspect of installing custom iron doors is their ability to increase a home’s resale value. Since iron doors deliver unique styling with known durability, the curb appeal of any home is instantly boosted. Also, new homeowners will not need to replace this door type when they move in. This is a huge appeal to those looking for a new residence. Also appealing is the low maintenance required to keep the door in tip-top shape year-round. Most homeowners do not want to move in an immediately begin fixing various aspects of the house.

Wood versus Iron

Although wood also allows homeowners to precisely style their door, wood doors require regular maintenance to keep them looking pristine. This includes regular varnishing and painting by which the cost will add up over time. Iron door owners do not need to worry about repainting and re-varnishing their doors. Also, wood is a much more porous material, even with coatings, which will let in more cold than iron. Furthermore, the security of a wood door is much lower than that of a dense iron door.

If you are considering different materials for your next entryway door, investigate using iron. The durability, security, beauty, resale, and curb appeal are unmatched. You can still be extremely creative with custom iron doors without losing any of the other benefits. With countless styles available, you can easily find a color and scrollwork combination that matches your exact requirements.