Why Clean Your Curtains On A Regular Basis?



For many homeowners, the hassle of cleaning a curtain often leads to them neglecting the curtains for months on end. In some cases, homeowners were reported to have never cleaned their curtains until they found stains or heavy layers of dust falling from them.

While it may be obvious that all furnishings in your home benefit from cleaning, we have complied this article listing the reasons why you should clean your curtains regularly.

Why Dirty Curtains Are A Hazard

Curtains trap much more dirt than you may suspect. For starters, they are often a multi-layer fabric that is exposed to the environment all the time. This means that it is vulnerable to dust, mildew, mold and pests. 

In fact, just because your curtain looks clean does not mean it is. Dirt can penetrate into the inner fibers of your curtain, making a home there for itself. This compromises the durability of your curtain and may also alter its color.

Above all else, a curtain should be cleaned as the dirt trapped in there threatens the health of people in its vicinity. Particularly, for people who have allergies or are sensitive to dust, a dirty curtain may trigger health issues within them.

Can Curtains Be Cleaned Without Too Much Hassle?

Curtains can be cleaned in many different ways. We recommend a combination of methods, thus ensuring that you do not need to exert large amounts of energy each time you clean them. 

For starters, on the rack cleaning of your curtains can be performed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This involves using a duster and damp cloth to remove surface dirt from your curtains. The benefits of this approach is that you do not actually need to remove the curtains from the rack. Instead, you can simply dust off dirt from your curtains while it remains hung.

On a monthly basis, we recommend washing your curtains. Depending on your curtain’s make and fabric, you would need to use different washing processes. Certain curtains cannot be washed in hot water while others cannot be sprung in washing machines. Moreover, certain curtains which use heavy materials should only ever be dry cleaned.

If in doubt, we would advise you to refer to your curtain’s manufacturer instructions. Furthermore, another tip is to ensure your curtains are completely dry before you rehang them. Moist fabrics make prime environments for mold growth and thus should be avoided.

Why Use Professional Cleaning Services

Every few months, we advise that you engage professional curtain cleaning services. Curtain cleaning Singapore services help to remove any deeply ingrained dirt and restore the condition of your curtain. This helps to prolong the lifespan of your curtain.

Additionally, most services remove the entire hassle of the process from you. Curtain cleaning professionals will help to remove your curtains from the rack, clean & dry, before rechanging them on your window.