Why video is important for catching criminals in the act


If you’ve recently been listening to the news around the world or keep up with celebrity lifestyles, you may have heard about Brandi Glanville having an intruder in her home while she and her kids were in the home.

Brandi and her kids were on one side of the home when she noticed a person she didn’t recognize in her home. This wouldn’t have been possible to detect had she not had a video security system installed both inside and outside her home.

With video security systems, you can install an app on your smartphone and see what’s going on in your home at any time of the day. Depending on the system you install, you can even hear and speak through the video security system app on your phone to the intruder.

This is what happened when Shaunie O’Neal saw an intruder attempting to break into her home in August 2019. Shaunie posted the event on social media, and she can be heard telling the intruder to smile because they were on camera. Needless to say, they ran off the property immediately.

In October 2018, actor William Daniels was able to scare off an intruder who was attempting to break in through one of his doors. He scared him off by turning on his exterior lights which could have easily been done automatically with a motion sensor.

As you can see, it’s imperative you have some sort of security system in place whether it be a video security system, an alarm system, motion sensors, or all the above.

If celebrities who can afford the most expensive security systems on the market can’t keep intruders away, everyday people are no exception. Instead, invest in a quality video security system for your home.


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