Guide to decorate your house



A house looks incomplete unless you make it your own by decorating it as per your choices. You could either do it yourself or hire painters and decorators Fulham, to do it for you as per your choice. 

However, to start with, you have to do some basic works to make your house more comfortable and happy which you can do by a little planning regarding the decoration of your house. To make things easier for you, we have listed out the basics to decorate your house so that your house stands apart from the rest in a unique manner.

Start with Measurements

The size of your furniture must match the scale of the room. A deep sectional sofa can be too big for a small room while svelte chairs can be too small for a wide room. Thus, it is important to measure the dimensions of each room which you plan to decorate. You should take everything into considerations, right from stairs, to columns and radiators. Also, measure the openings of your window and the space below it so that the window coverings can get ready. Carefully measure all parts of your room before you move into floor planning.

Make a Floorplan

After you are done with your room measurements, you have to get a bird’s view of your entire house so that you can plan accordingly. To achieve this, you have to create a floor plan of your house. You can either draw the floorplan using a pencil and ruler or you could use software that professional designers use. Whichever method you choose, make sure to create a simple floor plan. Then, you can start deciding about the position of the furniture, depending on the scale of your drawing.

Create a Budget

The next step is creating a proper budget for your decorations. Without a budget, you could end up purchasing furniture or equipment which are either not of the perfect size or are useless. The main idea of creating a budget is to strategically spend your money.  Also, you can divide the cost based on the requirements of the room. If you find some unique furniture that is a little over the budget, you should look to cut the cost from other requirements in the list. 


Once you have created your budget, you can start shopping for your choice of furniture. After purchasing them, you can contact painters and decorators Fulham to take care of the decorations of your house.


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