How a Greener Home Makes a Brighter Future


Trying to minimize energy consumption is a constant struggle for a lot of people. You desperately try to cut down on your electricity bills by turning off the lights and opting for cold showers instead of using the water heater. Doing these things can definitely help, but there are more efficient ways to make your home more energy-efficient.

Modernize Your Home

You can try to avoid turning on most electronic appliances in an attempt to reduce your electric bills, but that’s only a temporary solution. Your bill may get smaller, but you’d also be giving up your sources for entertainment, warmth, and overall comfort. Instead of putting yourself through this hardship, why not invest in appliances that consume less electricity?


Getting updated modern home appliances can be expensive, but they will return the value you spent on them over time. Refrigerators are one of the highest consumers of electricity in your home. Think about it: they run 24/7 to keep your food crisp and fresh. Older models of refrigerators consume a ridiculous amount of electricity compared to newer models.

As years go by, the energy consumption of these old refrigerators will increase even more to maintain their functions. In comparison, newer models will last much longer and consume less electricity thanks to their modern parts. They can also make food last longer and avoid any contamination.

Induction Cookers

Classic gas stoves and electric cookers are a thing of the not too distant past. They take up quite a bit of time to cook food, thus consumes more electricity. In comparison, induction cookers heat up quicker and thus cooks food at a more efficient rate. Utilizing an induction cooker can save you time, money, and energy.

Air Conditioning

Many people, including myself, feel guilt whenever they turn on air conditioning and usually keep it on for an hour before turning it off again. This guilt stems from the fact that air conditioning units are big consumers of electricity. However, this doesn’t necessarily apply to all air conditioners. There are newer models of AC that can boast a significantly lower energy consumption rating and even have added features such as the ability to improve air quality and dust filtration.


Traditional, single-pane windows don’t work too nicely with indoor heating and air conditioning. These types of windows aren’t that efficient at keeping outside temperatures from affecting the inside of your home. This leads to your heater pumping out more heat than it needs to because the cold breeze from outside keeps penetrating through the windows.

The worse part is that it also doesn’t do a good job of keeping warm air inside your home from getting out. Consider upgrading your windows to modern energy-efficient windows. These windows do an amazing job of keeping outside elements out and indoor air inside. Get an expert opinion on what type of windows you can use. Some companies sell windows specifically designed to maximize energy efficiency in your home. 

Aside from helping to regulate temperatures, windows also reduce your need to rely on artificial lighting. Well-placed windows can help tremendously with letting in natural light. This can completely diminish having to switch on the lights during the day.

Alternative Energy Sources

Solar panels and windmills can dramatically reduce your reliance on electricity sourced from grid companies. Getting these sustainable energy sources can be costly, but they can be well worth their value as time progresses.

Solar panels are the most common sustainable energy source that a lot of homes use. Solar panel systems can cost anywhere between $5000 to $40,000 depending on the desired energy output and the number of panels. Those are huge numbers, but the effect they can have on your electricity bills can be equally huge.

With the appropriate solar system in place, your monthly bill can go from being $100 per month down to almost $5 and even lower. Windmills offer much of the same benefits the solar panels do. 

Getting these alternative energy sources is a huge undertaking. You will need to consult with an expert to get their opinion on what type of system best suits your home and at what price. Some states also have laws regarding solar panel installations, so it’s best to review these and see if there are any legal issues.

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can be done in a variety of ways. It can be as simple as turning off unused appliances to something as grand as getting a windmill to power your home. Whatever the methods you use, choosing to become more sustainable can help yourself and the future of our world.

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