How Do Worn Doors Affect The Value Of Your Home?


If you are thinking of projects which affect the value of your house, then you basically include renovating and remodelling your kitchen and bathroom, but there are several other things which you can go for: new windows, new backyard or finished basement. One thing which never reaches the list of projects of a homeowner is the doors of your house. By replacing an old door wouldn’t you incredibly enhance the value of your house? Here are some of the whys and hows of door replacement:

The importance of new entry doors for your houses:

You pass your doorway on a daily basis like a dozen of times but chances are that you may have never given it a thought. It is the door! It is mandatory to look slightly worn out. No, this is not the case. And if you spend time to replace your doors, then you are doing your house a favour. The reasons for this are given below:

Aesthetic value: the entrance is the focal point of the exterior of your house. It is the place where everyone’s eye gets drawn to both intentionally and unintentionally. It is the first thing which a visitor witnesses when coming to your home. They come to the front door, knock or ring the bell and wait for you to open. By the time you open the door, they analyse your front door. And if the door is shabby looking, then it will bring make your first impression negative.

Safety value: An old deteriorated door is like sending an invite to a burglar. The stats from police from across the country reveal that 1/3rd of the home intrusions occur through the entry door. An old, depreciated door with rot frame is convenient to kick in or can be opened by a crowbar. When you get a new door installed with new frame, you eliminate all the chances of a criminal to enter your home from the doors and make your house and family safer and securer.

Bottom-line value: A new entrance door is a budget-friendly home improvement project with a Return of Investment of almost 100%. It is a far better return on investment in comparison to kitchen remodelling, bathroom renovation, basement renovation, a new roof instalment or any other house remodelling project. When you choose a new door, especially a steel one makes the home physically attractive, safer and more energy effective


When a house owner knows what a good, cost-effective project the replacement of entry door is they opt for maximization of return by installing, big and fancy doors. Wrong!!! The door has to be blended in aesthetically with the other doors of the house so that it enhances the value rather than an enhancement. Keep that in mind when shopping for doors Calgary.

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